Different Types Of Human Hair Wigs

Different Types Of Human Hair Wigs

Different Types Of Human Hair Wigs | Wigs are very common in our society today. Most likely, women are more interested in having wigs of a different style. In competition to look more attractive and up-to-date with fashion, men are also interested in wearing wigs.

Despite the fashion, there is also another important reason for wearing wigs: a serious illness, regular medication and treatment processes. This treatment affects hair growth and is one of the main causes of hair loss. Wearing human wigs is the easiest way to drastically change your appearance. The most convenient thing is to change the hairstyle and have hair without affecting the natural hair.

No matter why people wear wigs, there are a variety of wigs available on the market. Wigs are made with different material, style and of different variety. When people search for wigs, they need to educate themselves about wigs first. Above all, you definitely want wigs that are comfortable and fit perfectly in the first place.

Here Are Different Styles Of High-Quality Wigs


  • Lace Frontal Wig
  • Headband Wig
  • HD Wig



The lace frontal wigs are the striped wig with lace as a base, which is extended from one ear to the other. It usually extends 13 inches horizontally and 4 inches or 6 inches lengthwise. It can be sewn on the package or used to make a full wig. It uses lace material, which blends well with the skin and hairline without being noticeable, so the fidelity is very high.


A headband wig is a new style of wig, you can see people wear them all over YouTube or other channels, it is convenient to put on and take off, it is only made with a piece of material that resembles a headband, if you look closely you will see only a small small bulge where the black headband is sewn, elastic soft part, it has the adhesive velcro.

Headband wigs inside as a normal cap construction behind the lace, it has three combs, one on the left, one on the right, and one on the back to help you not feel like it is going to slip.


Headband wigs are friendly for wig beginners, with no glue or lace. You can put it on your head and you’re done in seconds.

Here are some steps to install the human hair headband wig.

Step 1. Brush the hair from the back and spread the baby’s hair.

Brush all your hair from the back and do not separate your hair. It will look better, you can use a small brush to put some of your real hair to lay children’s hair to make it look more natural.

Step 2. Apply the wig and use velcro to tighten the wig.

Throw the headband wig straight over your head and pull the front comb up. Take the headband and use velcro to tighten the wig, also complete make sure the bottom comb is attached. Once you use Velcro, you loosen the part with the headband, it feels like it’s not going anywhere or you don’t worry about it falling off.

Step 3. Put the headband on and make it stylish.

You can choose the headband you prefer in summer, put it in a ponytail and choose a colorful headband. If you want to keep your wig very strong then please choose a wide headband to make it more secure, it will also help to hide the black headband.


HD wigs are the types of lace wigs. This HD wig includes hair textures such as water waves, body waves, deep waves, and curly wigs. HD “High Definition” are ultra-thin, ultra-smooth. The HD wig feels much more comfortable and natural.

Where Can I Buy it?

Julia Hair is a professional company dealing with 100% virgin human hair. We offer high-quality wigs and human hair bundles. You can sew our hair strands or install our wigs on your natural hair.

If you are interested in buying, come to Julia Hair to choose. We are a fashion and professional wig website. We will provide you with various texture closures, such as body waves, deep waves, etc. Are you ready to show off new hairstyle? Come and choose high-quality wigs.

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