Diamond Drilling – An Age Old But Complicated Process For Mining

Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling has been a traditional process of drilling the ground with the help of a drilling pipe that has a diamond bit attached to its tip. This has been used in an array of mining explorations and is quite a successful process to get the ores mined from the deeper grounds. The basic reason behind using this diamond cut bit for drilling is that; diamond is the hardest rock substance and it is easier to cut through harder surfaces and to penetrate deeper into the ground. In many a place, the mineral ores are located at an unfathomable depth which causes perils for another kind of drills available in the market.

Hence, the Diamond drilling is all about utilizing the sharpness and the toughness of the diamond for getting the surface pierced and extracting the mineral ores from the ground. This process being invented long back, the mechanism of usage has changed over the passage of time. The drill pipe upon which the diamond bit is mounted varies in shape and size. Another purpose of using the diamond drill might be for a collection of core samples in many a place.

More about the process of Diamond Drilling

  • The process of diamond drilling is quite cost effective and is cleaner as well. The process is quite complicated; and for this reason, it is always better to employ experienced contractors for the drill work as the drill machines are tough to be handled and quite a number of hand-held stuff are used. This is why the men folk are mostly involved in Diamond drilling.
  • The diamond stud or the diamond bit is the center of concern and the most important instrument of the drilling process and hence, that needs to be taken care of. The sharpness is retained well for a durable usage of that same material in other drilling works. These days the automated machines are used for getting the drill pipe rotated and the motor shafts use the diamond bit to cut through the surface.

The perks of using the Diamond Drilling over any other drilling process

Diamond drilling is more precise and accurate. This process is known to be scientifically more convenient and hence, these days most of the mining and drilling contractors are bearing the expenses of having a diamond drill bit to use for their drilling projects. Like any other drill, this process does not create much mess and creates a clean tunnel drill path to get into the surface. This is the major reason behind choosing the diamond drill over any other drill process.

One Hindrance of using the Diamond Drilling machines in hot weathers

In case of a Diamond drilling machine, the drill gets heated up after long usage and this is what is considered the only drawback of diamond drilling. Just like any other drill this drill also requires thermoregulation and hence, the diamond bit top is lubricated by using water at regular intervals. This way the diamond surface gets rid of the latent heat and can work for a few more hours at a stretch.

A bigger diamond core is required when it comes to larger projects that require a larger tunnel to be dug. This generally happens when mine has to be dug in. The main reason behind choosing Diamond drilling over any other drilling such as steel or iron drilling is that diamond is more resistant to hard surfaces, heat and so on. Diamond can cut through any surface easily at least easier than the steel drill tips. The sharp diamond cuts are used by professional drilling contractors for bigger mining projects.