Developing An Eco-Friendly Company Culture in Your Mining & Construction Business


Freddie True, Negosentro |  Sustainability is an issue that every industry needs to tackle head-on. Ensuring that business practices are environmentally friendly and sustainable not only benefits the world we live in, but your business as a whole. However, in order to effectively implement sustainable practices, you need to do more than invest in the right jaw crusher or drills – you need to have a company culture that reflects the sustainability battle. Here, we’re investigating just how you can do exactly that.

Involve Employees In Defining Sustainability For Your Business

One way to ensure that your employees follow an eco-friendly company culture is to involve them in the process of defining exactly what that means when it comes to your business. Determining exactly what your company thinks about the sustainability fight and allowing them the opportunity to discuss this with their colleagues could open up otherwise unknowing minds to further practices and attitude that will spread through your business as a whole. Besides, your employees are the ones out there working – they’ll know which sustainable practices are more likely to work over others!

Implement A ‘Change Is Good’ Mentality

Similar to informing and educating your employees on sustainability, you’ll need to implement a ‘change is good’ mentality from the very beginning. For employees that have been in the business for a long time, changes to their daily working lives might not be accepted with quite as much enthusiasm as it might with brand new recruits. In this case, it’s important to explore the changes before you make them permanently. Discuss them with your employees, educate on the benefits and how your business can change things for the better – after all, it’s ignorance that is usually the downfall!

Make Sustainability A Part Of Every Process

Making changes in the mining or construction process itself is something that most companies will opt for, but for a sustainability process that’ll last, you’ll need to make changes across everything from cleaning and administration, to drilling and mining. There’s no use investing in eco-friendly equipment if you cleaner is still using damaging chemicals or your offices are wasting masses of paper on a daily basis. An eco-friendly company culture needs to spread across the entire company and making sustainability a part of every process within your business will help to ensure that that is the case.

Never Stop Trying To Improve

The fight for an eco-friendly company culture isn’t a short battle. Changes to your processes need to be a constant part of business improvement. Look at your competitors, at other similar industries and at the technology industry to keep track of any changes you could be making or hot topics you could be encouraging your employees to investigate. Constant improvement will help you not only remain sustainable and relevant, but your eco-friendly company culture will have room to thrive.

When it comes to company culture, implementing one that the entirety of your employee base will appreciate and follow isn’t always as simple as it might initially seem. However, sustainability is an important issue within the mining and construction industries and ensuring that your company is environmentally friendly is the next big step in improving your business. Hopefully our guide will give you a good place to start – good luck!

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