Definitive Guide on Brake Discs


Henry Tan, NegosentroBrake discs are disc shaped metal rotors that spin within wheels. On the application of pressure on the brake, a caliper will apply a pressure on the brake pads, which in turn, applies the pressure on the disc. This entire action will slow down the wheel and when extra pressure is then put on to the brake pedal, the car stops.

Pros of Brake discs

  • Brake discs have their own set of advantages. They can be easily inspected without removing the wheels. Along with a better stopping power, disc brakes are self-adjusting and are available in a wide variety in the market. In addition to this, there are many brake discs conversion kits that are available for the people who want to change the breaks from drum to disc.
  • The cost of the brake discs is something that the car owner should consider before opting for this type of brakes. A customer has to understand that most of the braking happens in the front part. Hence, installing brake discs at the front and drum brakes at the rear allows the car owner to enjoy the sophistication of brake discs and cost effectiveness of the brake drums.
  • Brake discs have a better stopping efficiency when compared to drum brakes. Hence, this is the reason why most of the new bikes and cars use this type of brakes for better performance. Brake discs are also well-known in the market because of this feature alone and overall improve the performance of the automobiles which uses brake discs.
  • Brake discs can function efficiently in all four seasons. Drum brakes work well only during the summer season while disc brakes can work efficiently during the wet season, too. This has also increased the overall visibility of brake discs in the market.
  • Brake discs do not get heated immediately when compared to drum brakes. This is very important for vehicles that are used in high adventure activities like motorsport and many more.
  • Looking at the overall efficiency and safety of the family, the brake discs are something that is very important. In case, when it comes to the overall safety of the car it is best to go for brake discs on all four wheels. Finally, it is important for the user to select the brake discs based on his or her preference. It should fit the overall budget of the user and the overall pattern of the usage of the car.

Cons of Brake discs

Along with the advantages there are certain disadvantages associated with brake discs, too. Some of these disadvantages are:

  • Since the brake discs require to be dished, the wheel tends to become weak.
  • They are heavy when compared to the drum brakes.
  • The replacement of drum brakes with brake discs is a little complicated than it sounds. The procedure requires the user to be involved a lot more than required.
  • Brake discs are costlier than the other types of brakes available in the market.
  • Using brake discs on bikes that require to travel at high speeds are usually not suggested because of the pulling weight of the brake discs.
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