What to Do When Debt Collectors Come to Your Home

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Maybe you’ve fallen behind on your payments. Perhaps it’s a case of mistaken identity. When debt collectors come to your home, they’ll do everything possible to collect (money) from you. There are others who will want to take away your property. But before this, you should expect a number of notifications in form of letters, emails or phone calls. Bluntly, it’s very frustrating when the collectors come to your home demanding for payments. It often feels as harassment, especially after you’ve explained that you are unable to pay or that the debt does not belong to you. Debt collectors like any strangers will knock on your door or ring the bell and wait for you to answer. This is where the trick is. You should know how to act or what to say. To educate you, here’s what to do when debt collectors come to your home to collect from you.


  • Don’t Disclose Your Identity


It’s likely that the collectors have your name, phone contact, and address but it’s unlikely that they know your face. Therefore, they’ll want to confirm from you when you answer the door. If you are sure it’s them, you can insist that you are not the one. If you are not sure, you can ask who they are and why they are looking for you. Since they are coming to collect, they’ll not disclose their identity. This gives you the basis to pay them in their own coin. You can tell them that you don’t share your identity with strangers.


  • Call a Debt Attorney


If it happens that the debt collectors are threatening to take your property forcefully for an unsecured loan, the best you can do is seek legal intervention fast. You can call Jb Martin Law – Debt attorneys and ask for a lawyer. The lawyer will not let them take your property since they don’t have the legal power to do so. Even if they have to repossess a property, maybe a mortgaged house or a car that is not fully paid, there is a legal process for doing so. Your attorney will explain it to you. If they are violent and you fear that they may hurt you, strive to first call the police and then talk to an attorney afterward.


  • Stop the Visits


The law gives you the right to stop the debt collectors from showing up on your door. You can send them a legal notification called the Cease and Desist Letter. The letter forbids them from coming to your home and to use other avenues such as phone calls and emails to demand payment.

Debt collectors will do everything possible to collect money from you as soon as they can for a debt that you purportedly owe. However, you should never worry about what to do when debt collectors come to your home. Just follow the above guide and you together with your property will be safe. It’s genuinely that simple.