Dealing with Smartphone Addiction of Teenagers

Smartphone Addiction of Teenagers

by Kyla Camille Nievera, |

Smartphones and tablets are gifts of technology that connect people across the world. Social media platforms and messaging services have made it easier for people to communicate with each other. Teenagers these days are spending more time with their smartphones and tablets rather than books. As a parent, it is your duty to monitor the activities of your kids for their well being.

Smartphone: An integral part of teenage lives

Smartphones are an important part of a teenager’s life. They like to connect and communicate with the world and make new friends. Sending pictures, videos chatting or talking to people over phone is something they all love to do. The innocent minds start to believe in strangers very soon. They tend to disclose about their private life to people whom they have rarely known. This is how teenagers often fall prey to cyber crimes and online fraudulent activities. Criminals try to find loopholes to intrude into our private lives when we share private information on the web. Not to forget, in most of these cases, teenagers are targeted very often. Also inappropriate content, pictures and videos across the web can disturb young minds to a great extent. This affects their mind and they find it hard to concentrate on studies. In this scenario, monitoring the smartphone and tablet activities of kids is very essential. Gone are those days when parents have to be tricky enough to get hold of the smartphones used by their kids.

The fruits of technology have come up with monitoring software that can help you to monitor your kids seamlessly. The internet is a dangerous place for teenage minds that are easily influenced. As a parent you have to be sure of the well being of your child. PhoneSheriff is one such monitoring software that would help you to keep a track of your child’s smartphone activities.

Dealing with smartphone misuse:

Monitoring the call logs

One of the major problems faced by parents is that their child is always busy calling or texting their friends. Teenage minds tend to spend less time in their assignment and rather give more time calling people. PhoneSheriff will help you to have access of call logs along with the contact details. You would be able to know about all those incoming and outgoing calls in the monitored smartphone. Even if your kids delete the logs from their phones, still you can keep a track of every single data from the secured account on your phone or laptop.

Keep an eye on messages

Texting is something that keeps teenagers busy throughout the day. As a parent, it is your responsibility to check the kind of messages sent or received in the monitored smartphones and tablets. Sexting is the new trend and teenagers often fall prey to it. Sexting is nothing but sending messages that comprises of sexual content. If you wish to know whether your child is sexting, then this is the best way to monitor their activities.  WhatsApp, Snapchat or even phone messaging services can be harmful when used in the wrong way. You can sit at home and log in to the secured account of the software to have an idea of the messages sent or received.

Locking phones for a particular time period

Teenagers tend to spend less time in studies as they are always seen with smartphones or tablets. They find it difficult to devote time for studies with the outside world alluring them. Smartphone control is something that is very essential for young minds. This software service will help you to lock the phone for a particular time as and when you require it. So if you wish your kids to study rather than spending time on smartphones, then the best way is to lock the phone for a particular time period. You can even lock one particular function of a mobile leaving the rest in an operable state.

Filtering inappropriate content

Browsing the net can be said as one of the favorite past time of teenagers these days. Often they are seen to search and browse things that arouse their curiosity. Teenage minds are always curious about several alluring across the web, but you need to very careful to prevent them from browsing any sort of inappropriate content. Adult dating sites, chatting services keep on flashing advertisements in any sort of web page that one opens. To stop this you need to block those websites from the monitored cell phone or tablet. This can be easily done with the help of the PhoneSheriff software.  Also checking the internet history with the help of this monitoring service can help you to peep in their minds. The software also helps you to get a profanity alert that will let you know whether rude words or abusive content is going through the monitored cell.

Be watchful on photo gallery

Clicking photos and sending it to their friends is trendy these days. Sending obscene selfies to people is something going viral amongst young generation. It has been seen that majority of the photos shared are not appropriate. Stopping your child from doing this can be easily possible with the help of this software service. PhoneSheriff allows you to monitor the photos sent, receive of shared with friends. You can also have a look at the phone gallery as and when required.

Blocking unwanted contacts

Blocking contacts from the monitored smartphone is something you can do at your own ease. If you want to prevent your kids from blocking certain numbers, you can do it from your secured PhoneSheriff account. Blocking numbers from calling or messaging or even both can be done with the help of this application.

Teenagers are innocent and they are not aware of how smartphone misuse can lead to severe consequences. Stopping them by taking their phones away is not the only solution. You can always keep an eye on them with the help of effective monitoring software. Connecting to the outside world becomes addictive to these young minds. So monitoring them can only help them to make healthy choices. This software will help you to log in to a secured account and monitor the smartphone activities without any hassle.