Cyber-Security: What you Need to Know as a Business Owner

Cyber-Security: What you Need to Know as a Business Owner cyber-attack

Cyber-Security: What you Need to Know as a Business Owner | Every single individual, company, corporation and organisation is at risk of cyber-theft; the moment you log onto the World Wide Web you are opening a door to hackers and with a constantly evolving world of malware and viruses, you need up to date cyber protection.

How Do Hackers Gain Access to My Data?

A good question; there are many strategies they use, which often involves an unsuspecting employee who gets an email asking them to login to the bank’s website and re-enter their information, or they might use sophisticated algorithms to unlock passwords, which is why passwords should be regularly changed. Phishing is another effective way to dupe a user into giving their access data; a duplicate website is created and the user is invited to click on the link (which is actually a slightly different URL) and the site looks identical to the real one.


We all loathe unsolicited emails, yet hackers are now using this to get the data they need, which is why you need one of the best email providers in Australia, who have all the cyber-security solutions. How can a piece of malicious code jump from a spam email to your hard drive? All it needs is for someone to double click the attachment file (.exe) and the hackers are in! Once the code hits your OS, its instructions are carried out, which might be to copy all customer financial data, which could be sold to online thieves.

Email Products

There is a leading Australian provider that offers tailored business communication solutions, using platforms such as:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Fax
  • Voice communication

Using such a service streamlines your processes and cyber-security is assured; you can set automated tasks and filter spam, while all incoming and outgoing data is monitored and tracked.

Staff Training

If all your employees know about the common strategies that hackers use, this goes a long way to ensuring you don’t become a victim of cyber-crime. Find the right provider who can deliver a 3-hour workshop on safe IT practices and that will empower the team and prevent any unauthorised access. Staff logging into your network with their personal mobile devices also presents a risk, something you may not have considered. Why not search online for a specialist to train your staff of cyber-security best practices? This is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of data theft and for the little is costs, your business will benefit. Here are 4 ways that 5G can boost your business.

Network Protection

Once a business migrates to the cloud, there comes a demand for top-notch cyber-security, which you can find with the managed IT service provider. They carry out penetrative tests to see how strong your defences are and with 24/7 support, your critical data is safe from hackers. Security patches must be regularly applied, as new malware emerges, while anti-virus databases also need updating on a daily basis, otherwise they will not recognise a new threat. When a hacking attempt is identified, your cyber-security partner can trace the origin and you can actually notify the authorities and play a proactive role in combatting cyber-crime.

The Australian government takes cyber-security very seriously and they engage a lot of resources to provide business users with up-to-date information on best protection practices. Business owners that ignore cyber-security do so at their peril! Make sure that you engage the services of an organisation that offers comprehensive online protection and you can rest assured your business will not become a victim of cyber-crime.

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