Custom Made Storage Pallets – A Key To Cost Saving Shipping And Storage

Jeremy Byron, NegosentroWhen I say custom made storage pallets, you may think why would anyone want to get trivial things like pallets custom built. You may be thinking that pallets are simple things, merely crates that carry cargo. Well, yes, they are used to store and transport things, but I do not agree on the simple part. Although any pallet seems a simple box, there is a lot of designing that is put into making one. Why? To answer this question, I would suggest that you google the various mishaps and accidents that have occurred in inventories, warehouses, shipping, or any such place due to poorly constructed pallets. There are millions lost every year because due attention is not given to pallets and its designing. So, here I conclude my explanation of how important pallets are. With this, I call upon an idea that is known to a few – custom made storage pallets. If you are an owner of a big manufacturing company and you rely on pallets for shipping your goods, it is high time you paid some heed to the packaging section and get custom made storage pallets designed exclusively for your goods.


In most cases, a general pallet designed for all types of goods is not suitable for special requirements. It can be either too big or too small with unsuitable dimensions. That is why many companies advise to get pallets custom designed.

Here Are All The Benefits For Getting Custom Made Storage Pallets:

  • Exactly the size you need: When you get pallets custom designed, you get the exact fit for your good. No pallet seems too big or too small and you can fit in exact amount of products as you have designed it for. This makes the whole packaging process more organised and better monitored. The counting becomes easy too. This way the space is efficiently used and stacking becomes convenient.

  • Saves you money: When you buy the generally designed pallets, you have to pay for the item you buy but may not even need. For example, if you are transporting light objects, the pallet durability required is less. But for heavier objects, it is more. So, you can get you pallets so designed that have durability and strength according to the requirement of the shipments. This saves you the extra money that you pay for unnecessary strength.

  • Easy storage and efficient warehousing: With custom made storage pallets, the pallets are exactly the size of the goods to be stored. So, there is no space wasted due to oversized pallets. This is a smart storing method. Above that, inventory control and stock handling is made easier and smoother with higher accuracy due to well organised warehousing and packaging.

  • They save you freight costs: While shipping goods in pallets, you need to fill more cargo trucks if the pallets are oversized. Instead with custom made storage pallets, lesser space is occupied and more can be shipped. The pallets exclusively designed for goods to perfectly fit within them is the easy key to greatly reduce transportation costs by using optimal use of the space available.
  • The company marketing: When the pallets are custom made, you can get your company name and logo printed on it. So, each container will have the name of the company. This is called passive marketing. You are not paying extra for this display of your company name and yet it is catching eyes. It is an added benefit.

All these benefits are more than enough to make you understand the significance of custom made storage pallets. To get the best results, you can hire professionals to design the suitable pallets size for your product.

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