Custom Boxes – The Right Way to Pack and Ship Goods


Ferdie Frianeza, Negosentro | Corrugated boxes are a part of our daily lives. When we tend to shift or relocate homes, offices, or even for transporting goods from one place to another place. These boxes are highly useful for domestic as well as commercial purposes. However, one cannot deny the fact that the requirements of every person and organisation differ as per their demand and need. Nowadays, this factor is a great business churning possibility with the help of custom boxes. These boxes prove to be beneficial, especially when the goods need to be shipped. When boxes are custom made, they are of much better quality. The material is top notch and it proves to be sturdy when handled. The advantage is that the goods inside remain safe and secure. It is because these are custom boxes, especially designed keeping in mind the needs and demand of the customer.

Mostly, various industries require such custom boxes such as shoes industry, vegetables, fruits, and other such industries usually come up with high demand of custom boxes for keeping their products safely. Besides, it is a great means of creating brand awareness among the customers. Therefore, many companies demand custom boxes from the manufacturers to incorporate their logo, brand sign, or other such information on the boxes.

On the other hand, many people feel that custom boxes may prove to be more expensive than the ones that are readily available to pick up in the market. That is not true. Made to order boxes would be slightly more expensive, as there is more labour involved in it but that does not mean they are not affordable. Moreover, in the long run custom boxes prove to be a good investment, as they have enhanced shell life and make the entire work safe and secure. In addition to that, they are a good source of advertising of the brand and the company among the masses. Thus, it will fetch more customers.


There are many advantages of using custom boxes. Many people depending upon their requirement can ask the manufacturer to design the custom boxes. Some of the benefits associated with the custom boxes are-

  • Shipping and freight companies nowadays use another method to determine the freight charges, which is known as dimensional weight pricing. As the name suggests the charges are fixed according to the dimensions and measurements of the boxes and the weight of the boxes. This is to avoid parties from using large sized boxes for small goods. Therefore, boxes, which are made to order, would save on shipping costs.
  • If boxes are not the right size for the goods; means if the boxes are big while the goods kept in are not the same size as the box, there is a high risk of damage. In such a case, more material for packing will be required to fill in the gaps left with the sizes of the box and goods not matching and complementing each other.
  • Companies, which want to advertise their services and products can do so on these custom-made boxes. This can be done without spending a single penny on advertising. All that one would need to spend on would be the printing of the advertisement and the news about their services would be spread to new locations and people without much effort.

Thus, with this much of advantages, it is good to go for the custom boxes for keepings goods safe and secure.

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