Creative Ways to File Your Documents

File Your Documents

Creative Ways to File Your Documents | Documents can cause a bit of a stir in the office if they aren’t properly filed. There have been various methods to file copies over the years, with technology being one of the best.

Unfortunately, though, there remains a need for hardcopy documents and the need to organize. Traditional files are an excellent way to file, but they can appear a bit cluttered if there are many documents around. That’s why you need new creative measures to file your documents. If you are lost for options, we have a few below that you need to look at. 

Color-Coded Hanging File Folder

One of the most creative ways in which you can file your documents by using the color-coded system. This system is favored because you get to know the principal part of the file before pulling it out. You can file them in order of importance to the least important one. 

With this system, you can quickly go through various files. You can also code them with the document it carries. So, for example, you can have red for tax and green for water bills, and so on. A color-coded filing system can be easily found on various online shopping sites and will set you back around $13. 

Snap-N-Store Letter-Size File Box

Most filling systems need a box to place the paperwork in, which comes in handy when you are retrieving documents. These boxes and bins come in different shapes and sizes. The good thing about storage cupboards is that they typically have the space needed to file plenty of your paperwork. If you have countless documents, you understand why access to these files is crucial for your business. The sides of the box also unsnap, making it easy to access any document you want. It’s also an easy fold, so you can get it back to the box shape after unsnapping. 

Desktop Document Letter Tray Organizer

If you have ever come across a remote organizer, you’d understand how crucial it is to have such a device. The document letter organizer tray is essential. It gives you tiles to keep your files organized. With different levels, you can organize your documents in various categories. It also has a big enough bottom shelf where you can have other stationery too. One of these tray organizers will set you back for $19 only. 

Rustic Paper Drawers

When you’re looking for something that doesn’t announce itself, you can look at this rustic paper drawer. This is a more common type of creative way to file your documents. It has a chic wood frame at the top and the bottom to conceal the central areas. 

The two piles have created a simple filing system; you can have the top for the outbox and the bottom for the inbox. It makes it easy to go through the files and letters that come and go from your office. 


There’s no denying that hardcopy documents will still exist in years to come. That means you only need to be creative in how you file your documents for your space to look organized. These are the innovative measures you can use.

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