Creating Social Media Posts for Realtors – 5 Tips by Digital Evangelist Homer Nievera

Creating Social Media Posts for Realtors - 5 Things to Remember

Rover Jones | | The pandemic has brought a lot of challenges to various businesses across different industries. Though there are many things to be positive about. There are different vaccines that are rolling out and will very soon reach the shores of every country in the world. So, while things look promising, it’s probably time to jump the gun on the digitization of real estate selling. We prepared Creating Social Media Posts for Realtors – 5 Things to Remember. Read on –

It’s easy to shine on social if you recognize where to start out. It’s even easier to outshine the competition within the digital landscape if you’re conscious of the new rules of social media marketing for real estate.

If at this juncture, you are still stuck on the way to navigate marketing your real estate business after such a turbulent year, no worries. Here are some things to help you with your 2021 social media strategies and social media posts.

#1 Using The Right Video Size

We’ve mentioned countless times before that video isn’t going anywhere. It’s here, its now, and it’s vertical. Between Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, Twitter’s fresh Fleets, and lots of more, it’s time to make engaging, moving content that takes up the whole mobile screen. The more digital land you’ll occupy, the higher. the simplest part? These vertical videos are easily repurposed for other channels and may be boosted to make engaging social media ads.

You may be wondering, maybe a horizontal video still valuable? the solution is yes! Especially when you’re creating property tours or YouTube videos. Horizontal videos are still the quality and preferred among many viewers, even on mobile.

A good rule of thumb is to order your more curated, professional content like property tours and academic videos for horizontal format. For fun, on-the-go, and raw snaps of your lifestyle, vertical video is that the thanks to going. If it disappears within 24 hours, it’s best to travel vertical.

  • Include motion graphics, text, and punctiliously selected audio. These elements can make or break your video!
  • Review the ultimate video when repurposing horizontal videos for vertical viewing to make sure all crucial elements are still within the frame
  • Avoid posting vertical videos on channels optimized for horizontal viewing (ie. YouTube). Formatting is important in video viewing.

#2 Proper Scheduling of Posts

If you’ve been scheduling your social media posts before time, you already step before your competitors. But it’s important to recollect that things can change at the drop of a hat. Last year has taught us that change is constant, and consumers are hyper-aware of how companies, brands, and business professionals are responding to current events. Avoid scheduling content too far beforehand and set a fanatical time hebdomadally to schedule content for subsequent. This way, when things come up, it’s easier to shift gears and make content that’s timely and relevant. Posting for the sake of posting what’s already been scheduled may be a big no-no. Viewers may mistake you for being insensitive.

  • Schedule 50% of your total posts for the week, and post the opposite 50% on-the-go to take care of authenticity
  • Review posts that are auto-scheduled the day before they’re released to form sure the messaging remains relevant
  • Schedule your content in batches and confirm you’ve got enough posts to last until your next content creation day
  • No need to plan to post daily if you don’t have the time or resources to try to do so. It’s better to post less frequently, yet more consistently (2 posts per week instead of 7 posts per week, for example) than post all directly then disappear. Social media may be a marathon, not a sprint
  • Never overpost as crowding your audience’s newsfeed will only encourage them to unfollow you. The optimum number of posts will vary counting on the channel you’re on. for instance, you’ll post quite once per day on Twitter but regardless of than once per day on LinkedIn

#3 Sharing is Caring

Focusing solely on likes and comments may be a thing of the past. Are you creating useful content that viewers want to share with their stories? Is it something that your target audience will want to save lots of, bookmark, or a screenshot?

Does that mean likes and comments aren’t valuable? Of course, not. Comments are great for connecting with people in your target market who are engaged and need to make a community and some conversation. Likes are often an excellent gauge on which posts do well which you ought to post more often, which didn’t get picked up well. Likes can also be a gauge on the right timing of posts — and how often should they be posted.

But once you specialize in creating content that’s meant to be saved, bookmarked, shared, or screenshot, that tells social media algorithms of Facebook and Instagram, for instance, that it’s something your viewers want to refer back to in the future. It’s as simple as saying that your posts carry some value. Remember that social media platforms make money from advertising that ride-on your profiles, preferences and, posts. Discover pages and feeds to know more about this matter. Some quick tips –

  • Keep the ‘social’ in social media to heart. Creating original content is great, but make it a point to engage with others’ posts, too, as this allows follow-backs
  • Check and double-check for spelling and grammatical errors. Nobody wants to share posts with errors on them, right?
  • Never veer off-brand. There’s nothing wrong with humanizing your brand and injecting humor into your posts, but if you’ve got a real brand identity or look and feel of your brand that you need to protect.

#4 Get Real!

As social media consumers become more socially conscious, marketing teams have had to find out when to talk up and when to remain silent. Authenticity may be a top priority for several, especially when it involves crafting a digital presence. If you’re putting out a press release of any sort, are you ready to require actionable steps that support it? If you’re celebrating Pride Month, are you merely changing your default Twitter photo to a rainbow version of your logo? If you’re releasing a press release in support of #Diversity or #LGBTQ, for example, are you merely posting a rainbow square on Instagram?

In 2020, we’ve seen brands and individuals having to get rid of various statements in support of social movements because their business practices didn’t align with them.

Take note that Gen Z and Millennial social media users still dominate the online space, and expect to be called out for performative activism. Remember –

  • Be clear about your stand regarding social issues, then actually take part in it. Be transparent about the changes you’re making as a private professional or as a team
  • Know that future clients and your audience want to be with people who share equivalent values. Be authentic to yourself and your brand and you’ll attract clients who will truly appreciate you
  • Plan about social listening. Join the conversation on topics that affect you, your community, and your industry. Check your metrics often.
  • Stop releasing statements that don’t align together with your business practices, period.

#4 Creating Awesome Captions

The “story” you share on social media is simply as important because of the visuals you share. You’ll have noticed a rise in “micro-blogging”, or creating small blog posts within the caption of your photos or videos you share. Oftentimes, the caption of a post can make or break it! Adding context, showcasing your personality even further, or encouraging your audience to require action can do wonders for your engagement rate and overall personal branding within the digital space. Here are quick tips in writing realistic and captivating captions:

  • Include the foremost pertinent information “above the fold”, that is, within the primary 2 lines of the caption
  • Break down your captions into bite-sized paragraphs that are easy to digest
  • Check on comments under your posts. Confirm to reply to every single one. It’s likely your audience has valuable input you can use
  • Avoid irrelevant hashtags under your posts as they only make you look trying hard or outright silly!

#5 Learn! Learn! Learn!

Social media, like technology, is evolving daily. It’s not just a matter of knowing what-when-where to post your messages. At the end of the day, it’s about being strategic in your approach so that you have a good foundation. So when things change, you know where to begin again. Thus, continue to learn new things. Other than knowing the tricks of the trade, learn the trade itself!

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       Homerun Nievera

Homer Nievera is a digital transformation and digital evangelist. He is also the founder and publisher of Negosentro and World Executives Digest. He has interests in several tech and digital businesses as director and chief strategist.

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