Create your own video animation – 5 free and simple tools that will surprise you

video animation business videos Buying a Business | We live in the age of the image, video, and sound. “Ordinary” texts without these elements are often not enough for us, or they seem to us not attractive enough.

Articles on the web or Facebook posts are much more interesting if there is an element of graphics, videos, even a note of sound. No, you do not need to immediately record vlogs on YouTube, or become an influencer in the blogosphere, but if you want to create animated video at home, which you can use according to your needs, we have a few free and easy tools that will make it easy for you.


This tool allows the user to quickly create animations or presentations for private or commercial needs without using any advanced Adobe programs. All you need is an Internet connection, something good to drink and of course, a creative head. FlexClip contains a huge database of ready-made pictures, videos, sounds, and if you think that this is not enough – you can expand the database by importing your own files.

There are many pre-made templates in FlexClip. You can choose a template for quick edits or create one from scratch. It contains all the necessary tools for you, including trimming, splitting, text, music, voiceover, watermark, and more.

The basic version of FlexClip works on the basis of the freemium model, and the paid version starts from $4.99 per month.


The authors of the tool call them one of the simplest and most user-friendly programs for creating and editing video. Biteable allows you to design your video by choosing texts, colors, sounds, photos, etc. It also contains over 85,000 unique recordings that you can use for the needs of animation, presentation, slideshow, etc. The tool is used by over 3 million marketers who have long ago discovered its advantages.

The basic version of this tool is free, while the pro version is payable and costs $ 29 per month (if you choose to be billed yearly) or $ 49 for monthly payments.


The Wave.Video enables fast and most importantly, for people powerlessly wandering in advanced programs like those from the Adobe package – stress-free animation creation from photos, videos, background music, and many more. The site offers a very extensive library of elements such as backgrounds, video clips, audio files, photos, etc.

The free option offers up to 15-second projects. The paid version is included in packages for $8.25, $33, or $49 per month. 


What is particularly characteristic of this tool is the ability to create white-board animations, i.e., cartoon films in which Rawshorts specializes. This type of animation is currently very popular and is often used by companies to present assumptions and ideas that may seem too complex to the recipient (e.g., business strategies).

RawShots has a database of ready-made templates, graphics, charts, characters, etc. Ready projects can be saved in MP4 format and shared via social channels. The tool includes the function of automatically generating video for the inserted text – of course, you need to refine it, but it significantly streamlines the process of creating a movie.

The program is free in the basic version, which allows the export of five films in 480p quality with a watermark. And it has two paid versions to choose from for $39 and $59 per month with payment for the year in advance. Interestingly, the paid packages allow you to create movies in Social Media formats – i.e., in a 1: 1 aspect ratio or vertical orientation!


The creators of MySimpleShow are great advocates of “explainer video” – a film showing content in an attractive way. This tool contains an extensive database of scenarios and flat icon illustrations.

Of course, images, music, or texts can be implemented from your own resources. Additionally – if the video animation requires a teacher, you can, for example, upload your voice. If the project is ready, there is nothing else to do but share it on YouTube or save in MP4 format.

The basic version of this tool is free but has limitations and is significantly reduced compared to the paid version. You can buy this in one of three packages from $ 129 to $ 499.


There are many more tools like the ones I mentioned. Some are less, others more complex – depending on the effect you want to achieve and the need for a given animation. Everyone, even those who are not very familiar with these topics, will find something for themselves. These simple tools will save your time, and their numerous functionalities will support you at every stage of project work.

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