Cool User Names for Tiktok

Cool User Names for Tiktok

Cool User Names for Tiktok | The video scripts have already been written, the phone is charged and the operator friend is ready to shoot. It remains only to choose a beautiful nickname for the tiktok and you can upload the first video to get tiktok views. We will tell you how to come up with a username and what the service has rules for nicknames.


How to come up with a name



Do’s and Don’ts

Before inventing a name, it is worth learning a few tiktok rules:

  • Nicknames should not contain anything that offends other users.
  • Swearing is also impossible.
  • You shouldn’t write something provocative and hope for a hype. The scandalous fame will then quickly end with an account ban.
  • You can change the name in the application only once a month, so if the nickname doesn’t like it right away, you will have to put up with it and live with it for another thirty years.
  • The nickname can be from two to twenty-four characters in length, but it is unlikely that you will be able to find a short free combination, so it is better to come up with more authentic names.

How to come up with a name

The first step is to determine why you need an account. If you just want to watch cute videos before bed or follow your favorite bloggers, you don’t have to bother at all – just turn on the English layout and press a few random buttons. True, if later you still want to become famous and get into the Forbes lists, then it will be difficult for followers to pronounce the name of their favorite blogger.

You can always use your own first and last name or make a combination of them – combine the first letters or the last. You can try different combinations, add dots or numbers and get something interesting. 

If the account will be associated with any one topic, you can add something about it to the nickname. For a profile with a bunch of dinosaurs, a name with the word dinosaur or just dino is perfect. A beauty blogger can always add makeup or beauty to his name, and it will be easier to find the author of anime memes and videos about your favorite characters by the word otaku or anime. The main thing is to figure out what you would like to enter into the search in order to find a profile.

Before finally deciding on a nickname, it is better to look for similar ones in tiktok and check the most popular ones. If it turns out that the name is too reminiscent of some famous blogger, it will be more difficult to promote. And when there are a lot of subscribers, the accounts will start to get confused altogether.

Nickname generators

When the imagination has completely turned off, and friends have already sorted out all possible options, it’s time to turn on the name generator.

The simplest generators


On the site, you can select the number of letters and the first one, and then create a random name in English. However, the nickname cannot be made very long, 15 characters is the limit. It will also not work to automatically add numbers and other signs.



Another simple generator in which you can select the beginning and end of the nickname, and the middle will be substituted automatically. You can also create a random name or just choose one from the list. The site has a separate page with nicknames that are recommended specifically for tiktok.



If there are no ideas at all, you can rely on fate. RandStuff is a generator in which names are created randomly and without a single setting, the only choice is whether to add numbers at the end.


Nicknames with keywords


A funny generator, but completely in English. But here you can write your name, hobbies, favorite numbers and get something interesting out of all this. All fields are optional, even if you add information to one or two, the generator will create something. But if you enter a lot, the options will be more varied. Useful for someone who knows exactly what he wants to post on the page and is looking for a name that matches the content.



Here you can enter any word and get a lot of options associated with it. The settings allow you to choose the length of the nickname and the place where this keyword should appear – at the beginning or at the end. The only drawback of the generator is that it is also in English.



The creators of the resource suggest using it to generate nicknames for couples, but you can safely enter your name and surname, the nickname of your beloved cat and hobby in the windows, and anything in general. It turns out pretty good combinations, while the site automatically translates everything into Latin.


Fantasy names

Here you can get a nickname worthy of an elven prince, an orc warrior or the noblest of people. There are not so many introductory entries, the resource allows you to choose gender, race and name feature: medieval, Japanese, fantasy, Old Russian and a few more options. Convenient for tiktok, because, depending on the setting, it gives out nicknames in Cyrillic or Latin.


Name generator for super heroes

If your profile contains videos dedicated to comics and films, or you just want to feel like a superhuman, you can create a superhero nickname. The site generates a dozen suitable names at once, so there will be plenty to choose from. The only drawback is that no additional settings are provided.

Examples of superhero and villainous nicknames:

  • The long warrior
  • The calm eagle
  • The silver starling
  • The green leader
  • Professor crimson phoenix


Popular bloggers names

You can choose a nickname, inspired by cool bloggers. They, too, once installed the application for the first time and not all wrote willsmith, realizing that they would be found anyway. Do you want to boost your tiktok account? Just buy followers on tiktok

True, most Tiktokers still called themselves by their proper names and now they are known all over the world, but there are exceptions.

  • Ariel Rebecca Martin once chose the nickname Baby Ariel, and now she is one of the most famous tiktokers in the world, got into dozens of ratings of serious publications, played in a Disney musical, even characters in The Sims can be dressed up in Martin’s clothes. It is clear that not everyone is called a princess, but otherwise the nickname is quite ordinary.
  • The Backpackingkitty profile has hundreds of videos about the travels of Simon the cat and his merry owner. This couple already has more than three million subscribers. Maybe it’s time to create an account with your favorite cat.
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