Content Marketing Takes Center Stage as Top Marketing ROI Option

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As consumers continue to increasingly research products and services online before buying, content marketing becomes more vital for attracting and selling new customers. Consumers research everything from drawstring bags to cars online. Entrepreneur reports that content marketing costs are 62 percent less than those associated with traditional outbound marketing, yielding three times the number of leads for a win-win marketing solution.

How to Use the Right Content to Attract Buyers Early

One of the major objectives of marketing is to attract buyers in the early stage of shopping. A mistake that many marketers make is to be too pushy, too early in the sales cycle. The challenge during the early stages of courting buyers is to know how to promote your brand and build trust so the buyer chooses your brand over your competitors. Marketing efforts can’t be too flashy or bold at this stage of the game.

It is crucial that companies attract as many online prospects as possible. Analyze your marketing statistics to compare your sales numbers associated with a particular product and then compare it with the percentage of online conversations of that same product. If your company has a significantly larger percentage of marketplace sales than online prospects, then you are losing a lot of online prospects to competitors and need to address that situation.

That’s why online, non-promotional content works so well. When consumers start doing research at the beginning of the buying process, it is important that content pops up on Google when they conduct a search. By establishing your brand as an industry authority in the early stages of a consumer’s search for information, it is easy to build trust and capture a healthy percentage of the market.

For best results, companies should utilize a website and a blog. Entrepreneur reports that using both platforms boosts search engine results for indexed pages by about 434 percent.

Measuring Content Performance

A major part of content marketing is data analysis. There are several sophisticated tools that can be used to analyze content performance so you can monitor data and adjust your strategy as needed. Trends & Insights recommends checking out Survey Monkey, Google Trends, Open Site Explorer, Buzzsumo and Majestic SEO.

Survey Monkey can be used to measure consumer awareness figures. Another valuable metric that needs to be measured and studied over time is brand search volume. Google Trends can do this for you.

Studying content marketing results also includes social media data. Buzzsumo offers marketers a tool for collecting metric data in this arena. Additionally, another source to consider is Open Site Explorer when you need Domain Authority information.

Strategies for Pushing Your ROI Higher

There are proven methods that can be used to get the most for your investment related to content creation. Every piece of content should be designed to meet different purposes to maximize the investment made. Content that is equally successful at improving a brand’s reputation with consumers and attracting new consumer traffic to your website is high-quality and useful. If this same content works well for converting prospects to customers, then you have a winner on your hands.

Forbes reinforces the importance of high-quality content over a focus on quantity instead. If the content you are using does not provide value to the customer, then you’ve wasted your money. Granted, quantity and quality together can yield excellent results, since there is no denying the fact that the more often you communicate with prospects with first-rate content, the better.


Content marketing is the name of the game for achieving results in today’s business climate. It is important to build trust early on and then offer something of value. Using multi-purpose content that attracts customers to your site, builds trust and converts is the goal of smart marketing managers.

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