Confessions of Online Shopaholics

confessions, shopaholics, shopping, online-shopping, Monina-de-Dios, Marie-Mendoza, Mari-Len-Amora, Bea-Villasan, Jaika-Ulilang

By Mary Rae Floresca |

Sophie Kinsella’s Rebecca Bloomwood from the book Confessions of a Shopaholic is probably the most popular example of any impulsive buyer. She’s been splurging on material things, anything that she likes when she passes by boutique. Now, there are many people like her, the difference is, they splurge while in the couch and the items are just a click away from their fingertips.


confessions, shopaholics, shopping, online shopping, Monina de Dios, Marie Mendoza, Mari-Len Amora, Bea Villasan, Jaika Ulilang
“I overspend 90% of the time. I really have a hard time controlling myself buying. I am very impulsive.”-Marie Mendoza, Operations Manager

Watching tutorials and then if they recommend a product, I search on Google for reviews, pag super okay ang review, I immediately look for an online seller.” -Monina de Dios, Adminastrive Assistant

Are these statements familiar to you? If yes, you maybe or maybe not an online shopaholic. Let’s break down some few advises on how to curb from this “sin” from the shopaholics themselves.

1. Plan your expenses.

Mari-Len Amora, a member of an online selling group in Facebook explained, “I try to limit myself one item as much as possible per week. Kasi sa job ko, weekly kami sumasahod. Kaya every week before, inaayos ko na finances co for the coming week.” Make sure that you set your priorities well. Another member, Faith Gutierrez advises that you should do a budget list and stick to it-now that’s effective planning.

2. Be practical

Student Salve Regina Sabado described how she controls herself in spending, “Iisipin ko muna kung gagamitin ko ba talaga, kasi sayang naman kapag bili ng bili dahil maganda lang, tapos pag hindi naman magagamit, mageexpire, tapon.”

3. Be satisfied

You are not obliged to get all you want, yes, it’s your right, but are you never contended? Student Bea Villasan said,”Now, I am happy with my collection and priorities. Halimbawa, sa lipstick, if may gusto ako tapos same lang shade na meron na ako, di ko na pinapansin.”

4. Let go of what you don’t need

Sales and Marketing Manager Jaika Ulilang advised, “I sell some of the items that I really don’t use. And sometimes, I give it to my family and friends.” You sell to earn more and buy more necessities and you give your extras like for “charity”, it may be a trash for you but it’s treasure to someone else. Try selling the items in,, Instagram or Facebook groups.

5. Unsubscribe

There are many online selling groups in social media like Facebook. Marie Mendoza shared, “I had to deactivate my Facebook account at one point because of overspending.” Another way to control yourself is to just get off your seat, stay away from your laptop or mobile and do something else that will not urge you to check out these online shops.

Try the reward system, just like how your parents did when you were younger. When you get the straight A’s in class, you get a new bag or so. Do that to yourself as well. It’s okay to reward yourself when you know you deserve it and that you’ve been productive. It keeps you determined to do your duties more because there is a prize in the end.

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