The Most Common Causes of Burst Hot Water Pipes


Joel Borthwick, Negosentro |  As we know that the burst pipes are one of the most common situations that occur in the public and home systems. Since the pipe is responsible for carrying the water flow it may sometimes happen that this heavy water flow leads to a burst hot water pipe, also as the name suggests sometimes the temperature also affects the pipe which causes it to burst. There are a few common causes of burst hot water systems here are some of them.

Extreme Temperatures During Winters:

As we know that extreme cold weather conditions have bad impacts on the plumbing system of any building. Another such affect on our daily lives is the burst hot water pipe. During the cold conditions, the water in the pipe freezes and expands. As we know the volume of ice is more than that of water hence, the pipe seems to somehow just fit on the ice. This creates a lot of pressure build up in the pipe and hence causes it to burst open to release some of the pressure. This is one of the major reasons why pipe bursts occur.


This is also one of the most common causes of burst hot water pipes. Pipes are meant to be long lasting but sometimes due to long periods of time and pH balance the pipes build up a layer of corrosion. This corrosion builds up usually occurs because you have a hard supply of water which has a higher pH balance. If there are galvanized pipes installed in your home system, then over the years this corrosion will take a toll on your pipes.  The water may slowly take down all the minerals from the pipes and cause the iron coating to replenish and makes the water exposed to the iron pipes. Hence, this leads to the smaller diameter of the pipe which causes the water flow to stop or the pipes to burst hot water. Hence, this is also a very common factor of burst hot water pipe system.

These are a few common causes. There are various other causes why pipe bursts.  Since pipe bursts are altogether a big plumbing affair it is best advised that we take proper precautions. Here is a list of some ways by which we can avoid burst hot water pipes.

Some Prevention Measures for Pipe Bursts: 

  • In case of extremely cold temperatures, it is advised to keep the water running slowly through the pipes as this would help in avoiding the pipe from freezing which in turn would help in preventing burst hot water pipes.
  • If you have a pipe system on the outside of your house you should ensure that it is insulated properly. This insulation acts as a covering for the pipes and prevents them from being affected by the weather elements.
  • One of the major prevention measures for burst hot water pipe system is to ensure that the temperature in the house where the water line lies does not drop below 32 degrees.
  • If there are pipes behind cupboards in your kitchen you should ensure that you leave the door open so that the pipes can breathe in the warm air and not get frozen in winters.

These are some safety measures which can be followed to ensure that you do not suffer from the problem of burst hot water pipes. In case these are not sufficient enough you should feel free to contact a licensed plumber to deal with such plumbing issues at your home or a commercial building.