Commercial Power Washing: How Often Is It Recommended?


Commercial Power Washing: How Often Is It Recommended? | Business owners want to provide customers with a good first impression. They understand the importance of curb appeal but may become frustrated as their property frequently appears grimy and dirty. They cannot control the climate and wonder how they can keep the building clean and ensure they are presenting the right image. Fortunately, help is available with this task. 

If you need your building cleaned, commercial power washing may be the ideal solution. The team of professionals works to keep your building clean and presentable. How often should you request their services? 

When the Seasons Change

Plan to have the building cleaned when the seasons change. Leaves and other debris often accumulate on the siding of the building during the autumn months. When winter arrives, the concern becomes the salt and sand used to remove snow and ice. They may end up on the building and walkways as the snow plows work to clear the streets. If left on the building, they could do harm. 

Spring signals a time of renewal. Trees, plants, and flowers begin blooming, and pollen may become an issue when it comes to your building. Anyone who has walked out to their car in the spring has likely seen a coating of pollen on the windshield and car. This same pollen is on the building, even if it isn’t easy to see. Allow the commercial pressure washers to remove it for you, and do the same during the summer to remove any dirt and pollen that lingers. 

On a Schedule

Commercial properties need to always look their best, and regular cleanings by a professional team ensure they do. Establish a schedule with the cleaning provider based on your unique needs. For some, the building requires monthly cleanings, but other organizations find once a quarter is enough to meet their needs. Numerous factors play a role in this, including the local conditions and the company’s budget. 

Following a Storm

Storms can cause havoc when it comes to commercial buildings. While inspecting the roof and gutters following a storm, take time to examine the siding. Is it damaged in any way, or is it filthy as a result of the dirt and debris kicked up by the storm? Consider calling in a pressure cleaning team to remove leaves, dirt, grime, and foliage that made its way into the siding and windows as a result of the bad weather. However, talk with the provider to learn which products they use to clean the property, as you don’t want to harm plants that decorate the landscape as you work to improve the curb appeal of the business. 

Increase the Frequency of Cleanings for Industrial Areas

Businesses located in an industrial area need cleanings more often. The same holds for factories that produce large quantities of dust and debris. Furthermore, when a business is located in a construction zone, the building must be cleaned more often, as the construction project sends dust and dirt into the air where it may become trapped in the siding and windows of your business.

Work with the power washing provider to determine the best schedule when construction work is involved. The building may appear to need it every day, depending on the nature of the work. Obviously, this isn’t feasible, and the provider can be of help in determining a schedule that works for all involved. 

Companies find there are several reasons why they may need to call in a commercial power washing team. This task ensures the property looks professional and reputable at all times. As a result, consumers feel more confident patronizing the business, and this means more sales. Every business owner appreciates that. 

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