Cloud-Hosted vs. In-House Software Solutions: What Are the Pros and Cons of Each?

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When it comes to making the best decision for your company, especially when it comes to technical ones, it can be hard coming to a valid conclusion. Sure, we live in a technologically advanced society. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is privy to how certain software or applications work.

Two of the most debatable software solutions are cloud-hosted and in-house software. These systems are developed to make processes within the organization easier. By connecting directly with the server, companies are able to store their precious information easier with different applications. While you’re searching for the best one to use, consider the sales automation CRM your business needs. It may improve the way your company functions.

In order to understand the pros and cons of each system, you first have to understand what they are. Let’s consider the definition of each.

In-House Servers

If you’ve ever seen an IT room in any small to medium sized company, you’ll know it’s the room with all the wires and industrial-looking devices. This is located within the company and stores the information from the server right from this room. Every document and internet connection is connected to this IT room. It’s essentially, the beating heart that keeps the business running.

The Cloud

This is a modern invention that virtually stores all of the information from the server. Instead of hosting all of the technical information in an IT room, all of the information is stored “in the cloud”. This option is for the savvy company who puts its trust in an invisible application system.

To sum it all up, each application is used to store data and connect your business with the server. If the server crashes for whatever reason, your company is temporarily out of commission. Therefore, deciding between the cloud and in-house servers is a vital decision.
So, now that you understand the difference, let’s consider a few pros and cons to each server. This will make it easier for you to make the best decision for your company.

Pros and Cons of the Cloud

The cloud is an invisible entity. Therefore, you don’t need a complex IT room filled with wires and units. It’s a cost-effective option that saves the company time and money. Unlike tangible units, you can add additional storage when needed.  All you’d have to do is purchase it from your carrier and you instantly have more space.
Data can be backed up from everywhere and anywhere. In addition, the recovery time is substantially lower in comparison to in-house servers.

However, the biggest con of using the Cloud is paying for additional storage. The cost can add up over time. In addition, if your internet goes down, you aren’t able to get to any of your information.

Pros and Cons of an In-House Server

One of the major pros of using an in-house server is that you can physically see what’s going on and repair it. In addition, all of your information is secure within your companies bounds. There isn’t a third-party company who has access to confidential information. However, since it’s tangible, you’ll need to upgrade your space if you need to update your storage. That means more wires and more heavy equipment.
Making the choice is up-to-you and your company. Having the right information is the first step on the road to finding the right choice for your business.