Cloud Computing vs Blockchain: Should You Migrate?

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Source: | Cloud Computing vs Blockchain: Should You Migrate? | When the idea of the Cloud first became a reality, people were very excited to have an interconnected network that disconnected from a central authority. It was thought to offer more security and also speed for a burst of innovations in software development. 

Unfortunately, people were far more optimistic than the reality of the cloud. It turns out that for all the benefits of cloud computing, it had most of the usual drawbacks. 

Now, there is the blockchain that is offering the promises of the cloud that haven’t been met. Should you go with the now traditional cloud? Or should you move over to the blockchain?

In this article, we will go over some of the benefits of the blockchain to give you some food for thought.

The blockchain is actually decentralized

A company’s or individual’s data is far more secure due to the nature of the decentralized ledger. Since every transaction is recorded on the chain and the chain is not in a central server, it stays more secure.

The way the blockchain works is that hundreds of computers have a copy of the ledger. If any of the transactions are manipulated, it still be seen by those hundreds or thousands of other users. In a centralized system, it only takes one weak link to allow a data breach. A hacker could not possibly hack into thousands of servers at once and change a ledger on all of them.

Blockchain works like the cloud

If you already have your business on the cloud, then switching over to the blockchain is relatively painless. Once users figure out how to buy bitcoin with credit card, then everything else will look absolutely normal for them. 

The big difference of how the data is stored will not look any different from the end user. One potential difference that a user may notice is the speed of transactions. 

Certain blockchains have gotten big so with many transactions happening at once can slow things down since the chain is linear. New developments are addressing this and speed should not be an issue later on.

Big players are using the blockchain

Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google are all experimenting with the blockchain and figuring out how to make the transition. If those players are already on board with the blockchain then it stands to reason that this is the trend moving forward. 

So far the blockchain is more promise than substance, but things are advancing quickly. Within a few years, most businesses will be on the blockchain once all the bugs are worked out.

Being on the ground floor as these technologies move forward will give you a distinct advantage over others that end up lagging behind. Much the same way things happened when people were slow to adapt to the cloud.

There are massive opportunities since developers can create the blockchain in a way that suits them perfectly since it is so decentralized. Your imagination is the only limit!



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