Choosing the Right Shoes For A wedding – Men’s Guide

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Compared to women, men hardly have a myriad of shoe pairs to match different occasions. As long a man has a pair to wear to work and probably one for the weekend, they are good to go. You may find it unnecessary to have many pairs of shoes but you have to dress up for events like weddings. This implies that you must have an extra pair or pairs of shoes for the wedding. It doesn’t matter much if you are the groom or an invited friend; you have to dress up for the wedding. The following factors will guide you when finding the right shoes.

Shapes and styles

Subtle variations exist in men’s styles and shoes for shoes. The variations may be from differences in design and brands. Pointed and pointlessness is a factor that is widely considered by many people. Remember that the shoes you don to your wedding or a friend’s should suit your style. You shouldn’t feel awkward in what you will have worn.

If you wish to have a complete formal look, you may go for the Derby or the Oxford designs that have characteristic open and closed lacing designs. Loafers and monks can also be worn with the latter offering good feel being a boot and shoe hybrid. Whichever style suits you, ensure that it will compliment your looks.


Well, men are not like ladies wearing heels. Men’s shoes are flat and therefore, almost all of them have a comfort touch to them. When attending a wedding, you must look good for the wedding but you are never restricted to wear very formal shoes. You may wear loafers or sneakers if you value comfort or are dressed in a smart casual style. There are many shops selling high quality wholesale sneakers that are suitable for different occasions including weddings.

Right color

This has to be the first consideration when choosing shoes. The main color options are black and brown. Black is the traditional official color to wear with black suits, patents or morning dresses. Brown can be worn with navies. However, you should also consider and stick to the wedding’s theme. There are  other colors that   one can wear to suit the occasion.

The lasts

These are the different types of moulds used to define the characteristic 3D shape of a shoe. The lasts determine how the shoe feels when worn because they determine the contours, bumps, corves and rises.  The lasts used by designers vary resulting in different fits for same shoe size of different designs and brands. Therefore, before settling on a shoe, get the perfect fit for comfort during your wedding.

Sole construction

Since you will not buy another pair after the wedding, you must have the right shoe with a lasting sole. Avoid glued and or cemented soles as they will not last. You should go for welted shoes because; the extra fabric used to fix the sole with the uppers is of a very high quality. Welted soles will definitely last long and worth your money.


Most men go for leather. As the groom, your looks must be dapper. Therefore, a poor quality shoe is not an option. Full grained or corrected leather will be great for your big day or your friend’s.

In conclusion, men have to look fashionably clad for weddings. Besides getting the right suit to wear, shoes speak volumes and must be carefully selected as a result, the brand should also be considered. Good grooming is also very important for weddings and should be adhered to.

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