How Would You Choose the Best Kind of Kitchen Splashback and Shower Screens for Your Bathroom?


Zac Ferry, NegosentroHow Would You Choose the Best Kind of Kitchen Splashback and Shower Screens for Your Bathroom? | From modern furniture to perfect lights, you can adorn your house with the greatest luxuries that are available. But what makes a house a home, is the effort and care shown in little things such as the kitchen splashbacks and shower screens. If you want to renovate your bathroom and kitchen then you must choose the best kind of kitchen splashbacks and shower screens. these splashbacks can keep your kitchen clean and tidy, and they are not get affected by oil and grease. On the other hand, in your small bathroom, you cannot accommodate a large shower cubicle, and in this case, you can install some shower screens to decorate your bathroom.  

What Are Kitchen Splashbacks And Shower Screens?

Kitchen splashbacks are sort of tiles or boards that are fitted to your kitchen walls to protect them from moisture and other cooking residues. They are usually installed behind the sink or the stove. Shower screens are withdraw able screens or permanent separators that maybe used to distinctly differentiate your lavatory area from the rest of the bathroom. They are used to maintain proper hygiene and privacy in the bathroom.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Splashbacks and Shower Screens?

Before going to your local store or start ordering your kitchen splashbacks and shower screens online, there are a few tips you should know, to make the right selection.

  • Measurement is Key

If you are looking to buy the perfect kitchen splashbacks and shower screens, then you need to measure your bathroom and kitchen first. For a kitchen splashback, measure the area that has to be covered by it, and in this regard, you can also call the professionals to take those measurements for you. The same goes for the shower screen also. On the other hand, you must take the measurement of your shower area and then place your order for your shower screens. The material is quite unique and because of that if you fall short on the size, it will look like a patch work. So, don’t take risks. The measurements should be accurate not approximate. Kitchen splashbacks and shower screens can be customized according to your needs and you can search them online for your convenience.

  • Choose the Type

Now for a shower screen you have many options like a walk-in shower screen, bath shower screen and etched enclosure. All these screens are meant for different purposes. So, make sure you get the one that meets your requirement.

Similarly, for the kitchen splashbacks, there are different types based on the materials used like glass, porcelain, stones like granite, polished plaster, and stainless steel, and there are also some composite splashbacks. So, based on the humidity levels, the temperature and required durability conditions choose the splashbacks wisely.

  • Prepare a Budget

Based on the dimensions and the material, the cost of kitchen splashbacks and shower screens may vary drastically. If you are looking for a cheap kitchen splash back, you can try something with Pyrex Panels. If you are looking for a bit high class finish, you can go for marble or granite. For shower screens, do not worry if you have to spend a few extra bucks. Buy a higher end model as lower cost ones lack durability and frequent replacement is difficult.

  • Always Call a Professional

Though the installation process for a kitchen splashbacks and shower screens seems quite simple, it is always better to leave it in the hands of a professional. You only need to search online to find the best installation service provider in your area.

So now you can search the kitchen splashbacks and shower screens for your home improvement online and you can choose the best one after comparing their prices.

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