Challenges You Face When Shifting Careers

Challenges-You-Face-When Shifting-Careers, careers, career-change
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By Ann Gabriel | | Challenges You Face When Shifting Careers | Career change became prevalent since the start of the recession that hit several countries across the globe. Change is inevitable and who knows if a career change might be hitting you this year?

Career change is different from job change. You can switch jobs within the same career but a change in a career requires an updated skill set and retraining. Compared to applying for jobs, career change is much more complicated. You’re competing with younger candidates and much more experienced employees when it comes to providing proving yourself to your new employer.

Despite your numerous achievements in your previous job, most will not bear a big impact when starting over a new field. The reality is that there is a big chance of starting as an entry-level.

Here are a few challenges you’ll encounter as you decide to establish a new career:

1. Possibility of getting a pay cut

If you don’t have much relevant experience in the field you want to take, your salary and status will almost be lower than your previous. That’s why it is important to be ready financially. Addressing the income gap can be compromised through taking part-time or freelance work.

2. Having a younger boss

It’s a little awkward to have a boss who’s younger than you but this can be possible when you take career change during midlife years. You might think that perhaps you have already experienced what they haven’t experienced yet. However, sharing perspectives is a good opportunity to learn from each other.

Challenges You Face When Shifting Careers, careers
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3. Developing a new set of skills

Shifting careers will require new skills. Stay open-minded and learn from new colleagues. You can enroll in certificate programs, attend seminars or conferences to learn faster. Most importantly, acknowledge what the young ones can teach you rather than be arrogant.

4. Embrace new change

One of the hardest things is accepting that you’re back to zero. Overcoming this begins with changing your mindset. New changes may not come easily to you if you don’t accept the change with an open heart and mind. Focus on your abilities and live with a purpose.

Challenges You Face When Shifting Careers, careers
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