Challenges iPhone App Development Companies Faces


Bhupinder Kour, Negosentro | Every year, Apple brings a myriad of updations and new features to spice up the lives of iOS users and reach their level of satisfaction. This year, the tech giant has launched iOS 11- the latest major release of iOS mobile operating system. With the advent of iOS 11, Apple has set a new benchmark in the market, giving a tough competition to its rivals. However, it has also changed the way the iPhone app development companies (or developers) were working and has lead to a more challenging situation.

Some of the major challenges app developers face while building iOS 11 apps are listed here:

Compatibility Issues

Unlike Android, the application developers find the battle of compatibility easier in case of iOS. However, it still exists as the operating System keeps on upgrading every year. As a result, the developers have to stay updated with the upgrade and  make it certain that their applications support the newer version of the operating system as well as the backward ones. Otherwise, their apps might fail at enticing users.

Storage and Performance Issues

The performance and memory space is another major challenge faced by every iPhone application development company. The iOS phones do not come with garbage collection function, which inflates the risk of application termination if it becomes a source control. Even when you decide to create an application for a single version, you have to look upon multiple devices with different memory storage. This is a matter of concern as incorporating the latest technologies makes an application bulky. The app might occupy a higher memory space, which ultimately results in memory management problems. Moreover, a heavy app might take time to load in a phone with lesser memory capacity, which will ruin the app performance. As a result, the user will get irritated and might abandon the iPhone app.

User Interface

Users fall for iPhone because of its clean design concept and exceptional user experience. However, optimally using the screen space for satisfying the business objectives and offering an attractive user interface is again a challenging situation for the iOS application development teams.

Battery Usage

Not just the old-generation iOS devices, but various new generation iPhones also consume a considerable amount of battery. In such a situation, if your application juice out a larger part of the phone’s battery, the users will get frustrated and uninstall the app.

According to the best app development companies, the developers have to ensure that the application does not run in the background, or at least don’t drain the battery level with unnecessary processes.

App Security

While the introduction of newer technologies in the mobile world is enabling the app development companies to deliver better facilities to the users, it is also increasing the risk of data breaching. Thus, the developers have to employ the most updated security measures and tools in their iPhone app development process.

Poor Network Conditions

The iPhone app developers also have to pay attention to the speed of the application. It is possible that the speed at which you are running the application is not what the users are expecting. In such a scenario, the best move is to test the iPhone application through the Network Link Condition that enables you in stimulating.

App Store Approval

With the introduction of iOS 11, the app store has been completely revamped. The guidelines for the app submission have also changed, which means the developers have to focus on the newer requirements of the Apple’s app store and act accordingly.

The aforementioned challenges are just a few of what the iPhone app development agencies have to face almost every day. There are many more, and the best way to find solutions for them is to remain comprehensively updated with the latest developments in the mobile arena. Bear in mind, the more you explore, the more updated you will remain with the latest news and services offered by Apple, and the more easily you will be able to tackle these issues.

Author Bio: Bhupinder Kour is a Content Writer at Appinventiv, who loves to pen down her understanding and knowledge in simplified and engaging manner. She is an early adopter, likes to stay up to date with the latest trends in the mobile industry and add value to the organization. Besides this, she is fond of reading books, writing short stories and interacting at Quora.