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Careers with a Purpose That Pay Well | There are many reasons to choose a career path. It could be out of passion, income expectation, job security, or pleasing your family among other reasons. Unfortunately, most of these reasons often lead to job stagnation. It is a matter of time that you start feeling demotivated, empty, unsatisfied, and uninspired. If you want to lead a career that will make your life come alive every single day, you need to start thinking in the line of a career with a purpose.

Having a career with a purpose will help you stay in touch with your own dreams and desires, as well as live for what you really care about. What’s most important is that you get to make a difference in the world. However, it is important that such a career pays well for you to lead a good life. Here are four careers that not only have a purpose but also pay very well.

  1.     Physician

Physicians bring a lot of healing to the world as they treat various ailments. They also do a significant job of giving hope to their patients as well as the patients’ families and friends. Just nursing a patient from a point of near-death to a state of health and seeing all the people around your patients happy is enough to keep you motivated to do even more. 

The beauty of this profession is that you can major in various fields including obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, surgery, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, or family medicine based on your preference. You can also choose to work in clinics, hospitals, doctor’s offices, government agencies, corporates, and schools among other places. When you work as a general physician, you are likely to earn approximately $205,560 annually.

So, how can you join this profession? First, you need to apply to medical school, go through medical training and get an undergraduate degree. In addition, you need to sit and pass the USMLE Step 2 CK that tests your ability to apply medical knowledge and skills that are essential to patient care provision. After that, you can take up a residency to gain hands-on experience. 

  1. Clergy

Some of the most famous individuals are clergies who build their name doing good in their communities and the world at large. They find their purpose serving the community in a broad range of ceremonies including weddings, funerals, age, and birth rituals. They also get involved in guiding their flock in life, reconciling families and marriages as well as ensuring that the people walk on the right path among other responsibilities.

As clergy, you can earn a salary of up to $77, 290 annually. For you to thrive in this profession, you require great public speaking skills and listening abilities. You also need to have gone through theology education to better understand the religion that you will be advocating for as well as be equipped with skills that help you guide the people.

  1. Conservation scientist

We live in an era where environmental conservation is a primary concern for the planet. With a degree in environmental science, rangeland management, or agricultural science, you can launch your career as a conservation scientist. This career will involve you working with farmers, the government, landowners, and other agencies to manage and protect natural resources such as rangelands, parks, forests, and other spaces.

While working as a conservation scientist, you have the potential to earn a median salary of $60, 970 annually or more based on your experience, level of qualification, and the region that you are working in. Working in this field will give you a sense of purpose knowing that you are conserving and protecting natural resources to save the planet for future generations.

  1. Teacher

Teaching is one of the most challenging yet rewarding professions. Working as a teacher can be very fulfilling knowing that you instilled knowledge in your students and made a difference in their lives. You can work with various age groups according to your specialty and interests. You can also choose to work with students with special needs such as ones with emotional, mental, and learning disabilities. Teachers in elementary school earn about $55,000 while those in high school can get paid about $70,000.. Teachers who work with students with special needs can earn an average of $60,750 depending on the institution that they are working in. 


Most people shy away from leading purposeful careers for the notion that such careers don’t pay well. However, as shown above, you don’t have to work for a charity for you to make a difference. Sure, you can volunteer where you can, but choosing one of the above careers among others will let you earn a living and still find a purpose for your life.

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