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Career Options for Truck Lovers | When it comes to career options, doing something you love is more likely to give you greater satisfaction over and above the financial rewards—and being passionate about trucks is no exception. There’re a variety of career options for truck lovers, such as yourself, to choose from.

With the increasing number of automobiles produced annually, there will always be a need for automobile services, from selling and repairing them to even educating others about them. Below are a few career options in the transportation industry for truck enthusiasts to consider.

Auto Sales Manager

If you have excellent communication and marketing skills, in addition to your love for trucks, then a job selling them would best suit you. An auto sales manager is responsible for helping others find their dream vehicle and hit the streets in style. You would have to forecast sales, implement effective marketing strategies and manage a team of professional salespersons to carry out good quality customer service. You can choose between owning a dealership of various car brands or focusing on a specific car brand, like opening a Honda dealership in North Olmsted, OH. Where can you get vehicles from? Companies such as the Auto Auction Mall offer a source for purchasing vehicles for your dealership. For instance, Want a Volkswagen Van? They rock!, and they might have them. These types of cars are great for multiple things: business, families, and overall transportation.

The Auto Auction Mall is a reputable source for purchasing used and salvaged trucks at affordable wholesale prices. They’ve helped over 200,000 buyers nationwide find deals on used cars through their online market. This auction site holds truck auctions for clients to purchase heavy-duty trucks, and you can take advantage of this for your dealership.

Automotive Engineer

Do you want to be a part of the team that puts trucks and other vehicles together? Then it would be best if you were an automotive engineer. Auto engineers are tasked with designing new cars and improving upon older models. They evaluate design plans, vehicle safety protocols, the vehicle’s style, fuel consumption, and so on. To be suitable for an auto engineer’s role, you’d need a little more than a passion for trucks. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as a degree in an Automotive and Diesel Technology program from a reputable educational institution, have STEM skills, and excellent problem solving and analytical skills.

Car Detailer

Trucks require routine maintenance. They get dirty, may be involved in major or minor accidents, parts may become worn out, amongst many other issues. This is where a car detailer comes in. With a salary of about $32,137 a year, car detailers are skilled to restore luxurious fancy cars with a new car feel by cleaning and replacing external and internal parts of the vehicle when needed. This career option requires no degree or any form of formal education. On-the-job training programs would educate you on all that you need to know under the role.

Tow Truck Driver

As the saying goes, “Not all heroes wear capes.” If you want to be the hero to many road users, then being a tow truck driver is a career option you should consider. As a tow truck driver, you’d have the task of helping others in emergencies to transport stranded drivers with broken-down cars to get to a garage nearby safely. To qualify for a job as a tow truck driver’s job, you’d need a valid driver’s license with no driving offenses. Depending on the tow truck company, you may need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). On average, tow drive drivers receive a decent salary of $30,389 a year.


An auto engineer does the designing and improvements of car models. Mechanics get their hands dirty by fixing problems their customers may experience with their cars during use. If you’re knowledgeable in vehicles and engines, you should consider starting up a career as a mechanic. You can choose to work in a garage, a car dealership, or start your repairs shop. Although hands-on experience would suffice in starting your career as a mechanic, you can go ahead to gain a degree and a certificate to become a technician for more credibility.

Automotive Educator

Perhaps, you’d prefer a less hands-on job? Then a career as an automotive educator, or instructor, would be an ideal choice. An automotive instructor trains students on auto repair, installation, and maintenance at either a vocational school, technical school, high school, or college. You’d be responsible for educating your students on basic maintenance techniques such as tire rotation and oil change, and more complicated computer diagnostics procedures, automotive technology, and diesel technology. You’d need a bachelor’s degree in a related field and a teaching license.

To conclude, your passion for trucks could open you to several lucrative job opportunities and careers. Take the time to acquire the necessary qualifications and skills. You should also ensure that you research in-depth other career options and make the right choice about the career option you settle on.


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