Car Technology has Come a Long Way

Car Technology

Emma Jones, NegosentroCars have been in existence since a long time. The olden or rather vintage vehicles are so much apart from contemporary cars. Although some features may be a bit similar, most of the features in modern cars are so much unique and distinct from the vintage cars. For instance power steering and airbags which are in modern day vehicles were not there in the past. These advances have made life and traveling much easier and safer using cars. In reviewing the steps and milestones made, we have to look at some of the very first advancements in car technology. Some of them were just for convenience while others really meant a lot to the users in terms of comfort and safety.

In reviewing some of these very first advancements in car technology, we would have to look at the previous mode used as well. The following are some of the comparisons:

The steering wheel

The steering wheel is basically the control center of the vehicle, whether it is a used Toyota Tundra or any other car. This is what the driver would use to control where the wheels of the vehicle are taking it. The steering wheel is one part of the car that has significantly evolved over the years. The very first types of steering wheels were very mechanical and also had a lot of discomfort when it comes to ergonomic convenience.

These early types were referred to as manual steering wheels and were very hard to use. They required a good amount of effort in order to keep the car on track and thus were exhausting at the end of the day. This problem was later solved by the creation of power steering wheels. These are made in such a way that they are quite easy to use because the effort required would be so minimal thus causing less strain while driving.

Advancements have also been made in terms of the size of the steering wheel and also the material used in making it. In the past, most cars had huge steering wheels making it cumbersome for driving with ease. Nowadays, it is much easier driving since the size of the steering wheel has been reduced significantly.

Gear transition

A car needs to engage and change gears in order to move forward. Cars since long time ago have relied on a manual gear transition for locomotion. This would require that the driver steps on the clutch while engaging gears and then slowly releasing it and step on the accelerator as well. This process became tedious and disadvantageous to some of the individuals who were disabled in the society. There was therefore a need for something better to be done and this ultimately led to the automatic gear transition. With the automatic gear transition in place, it is now much easier for drivers to drive and move around safely.

With the above and many other unmentioned advances in the car technology field, it proves that indeed car technology has come a long way. As a lot has been done to improve the technology of the car, there is also a lot still to be done yet.

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