Can You Pawn Or Sell Your Handbags At a Pawn Shop?

Can You Pawn Or Sell Your Handbags At a Pawn Shop? 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro| Can You Pawn Or Sell Your Handbags At a Pawn Shop? |Designer bags are the best options for pawning and you can get huge returns on it. However, not every designer bag is suitable for pawning. As far as the question- can you pawn or sell your handbag is concerned; the answer is YES! You can do so but certain criteria need to be fulfilled so that it gets accepted in the pawnshop.

  • Brand
  • Style of the bag
  • Proof of authentication
  • Quality of the bag

Unless you have all the above qualities in your bag, it cannot be pawned. Handbags are something that we use daily. Whether fancy or simple; big or small; handbags are something that you’ll find in every wardrobe. High-end bags or watches are the perfect pawning items especially if you’re in a hurry to get some quick cash. Before you take out your handbag from the wardrobe, keep in mind the following factors.

Know the difference between pawning and selling

Though both of them can be done at a pawn shop, there’s a difference between the two. Pawning your handbag means submitting your luxury item to the broker to get a loan amount out of it. However, you’re considered eligible for the loan only after it gets evaluated by the pawnbroker. Pawn designer bag Melbourne is the best pawnshop to get pawn loans.

You’ll need to repay the loan within a certain time that is mutually agreed upon by you and the broker. You can get back your handbag once you repay the loan. On the contrary, when you sell your handbag, you just sell it directly for a certain price. Prices are negotiable in this matter but you need to keep in mind that these shops are resellers so they’ll keep a certain profit margin for themselves.


To get a good amount, the bag needs to be an authentic one. Unless the brand is real, don’t expect higher returns. An integral part of a pawning process is proving the authenticity of the handbags. For instance, if you have a Louis Vitton handbag, you need to have documents to prove that.


Brands that are rare have the chance of getting higher returns. Certain brands bring higher returns to the table- Gucci, Louis Vitton, Hermes, Coach, Prada, or Chanel. You’re eligible for thousand dollars if you have an authentic bag from any of these brands. Rarer the brand, the higher will be the returns. Limited editions or vintage collections can get you more dollars!

Wear and Tear

However, the brand name and the rarity are of no use if the bag is not in good health. Pawnshops won’t accept your bag if there is wear and tear, scuffs, or rips in your handbags. Check if the bag has any scratches or marks inside the bag. So the handbag owners have to maintain it if they wish to get quick pawn loans.
Hence, you can sell or pawn your bags only if it fulfills the above-mentioned criteria. If you think that you have a rare collection of bag/bags, you can visit your nearest pawn store to get better returns.

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