Buying Guide: Choose the Best Induction Stove for your Catering Business

Best Induction Stove for your Catering Business | Buying Guide: Choose the Best Induction Stove for your Catering Business | Induction cookers have been around for a while now, and they perform cooking through a magnetic field. This heating method heats vessels by electrical induction rather than heat conduction of a flame or electrothermal element. An induction stove has a coil of copper wire under the ceramic plate. With a pot placed on top, an alternating current pass through it.

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And induction cooktops have proven to us that they are better than gas cookers in many ways than one. Besides the fact that they are the faster cooking mechanism, induction cookers give you a sleek surface which is also a cleaning and maintenance breeze.

That said, they are the obvious choices for many catering businesses today. In this piece, we explore the things to look out for before choosing any commercial induction cooker at all.

1- Brand

Since the surge in popularity of induction cooktops, a lot of brands have come out with their own picks of what these can be. That has made the choice more difficult for buyers looking to get the best bangs for their buck.

All you have to do is check out a brand with solid standing in the market. Likewise, you should look out for social proof that they do work. Finally, go for the manufacturers that have a slew of options for you to choose from. 

A good example is the array of commercial induction cooktops you can use for your business that Smabo offers in its lineup. Over the past 17 years, an extensive amount of R&D has gone into Smabo’s commercial induction cookers. Now, it is one of the leading commercial induction cooker manufacturers in China.

2- Size

Depending on the scale of your business and how many cooking operations you would like to keep running at the same time, the size of the induction cooktop is yet another serious consideration. 

When choosing an induction cooker based on size, you should also consider the size of the area where it would be used.

There are standard size options for induction cooktops in the market today, and they are shown as below:

  • 60cm – three cooking zones
  • 70-75cm – four cooking zones
  • 90cm – five cooking zones

When using smaller cookware, the above sizes can accommodate at least one more cooking zone.

3- Cooktop Power Rating

Induction cookers come with different power ratings which tells of how much heat it can generate based on the electrical energy it is receiving too. 

The higher the power rating in an induction cooker, the faster the cooking will be done. However, that also means a higher cost of acquisition of the unit.

You would want to balance the needs and expenses of your catering business such that you get an induction cooktop which handles your business operations while not burning a hole in the business’ pocket at the same time.

Likewise, note that going for high-powered induction cookers might mean having to create dedicated power outlets to supply the needed energy to the said cooktop.

4- Special Features

We see many people buying commercial induction cookers just for the basic feature of cooking, and that could not be more wrong.

Besides bringing a better cooking efficiency to the table, induction cooktops are also designed to make your life easier. That is why they come with all or some of child lock modes, cooking timers, automatic shut-off systems, and much more.

It is your duty to compare and contrast the various induction cooktops in your purview based on their basic and advanced features to see which gives you the best overall standings.


There is a wide range of commercial induction cookers by make and model. But the ones we truly love are provided by Smabo. A case in point is 380V Single Zone Commercial Induction Cooker. This induction stove comes with a 360-degree knob switch, making cooking much more convenient. Additionally, it offers auto power-off protection, over/low voltage protection, overheating protection, and over current protection. Also, 8 power settings will make it easier for you to cook everything on induction-compatible vessels.  

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