Do you buy votes for online polls and contests in 2019?

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To share content quickly with friends and family, social media helps us greatly. Since the last 7 years, social media proves to serve the right audience for any businesses in a short time period. When you set up the right ad campaign for your business on social media and you can start seeing visitors on the same day of advertisement created. These opportunities are worth gold to the modern-day business promoters. In 2019, we can see many advertisements popping on our mobile screen to join for online contests. So today we are going to look the ways to get more votes for your contest.

1. Advertising on popular sites to get votes

You need to hire a virtual assistant to do this task. Guide your virtual assistant to follow these plans:

  • Search for popular sites in your niche where your targeted audience spend a lot of their time.
  • Put the list in the excel sheet with several headings like domain age in 1 column, the traffic growth in 2nd column and the contact Email on the 3rd column.
  • This data is very important to value the list to find the top quality sites to advertise.
  • 77% of site owners love to allow publishers to purchase advertising place on their websites.
  • It’s time to email them to know their pricing to advertise your contest link to get quick votes for your contest.
  • Can you make the visitors vote for your contest link at the first-time visit? The first step is creating a landing page. You need create a landing page with super offers to attract the visitors and then you can redirect them to the contest entry page to vote for you.
  • A lot of tests and analyze requirements to achieve such results from this type of advertising. But, when you know the exact way to get votes for your contest, you can smartly win any type of contest using this method.
  • Also if you own popular and high traffic having blog, you can use that to get votes for your contest.

Note: Please note that this above method is not advised for beginners. 

2. Hire industry influencers to gather quick votes

Many of the marketers vouch for using industry related influencers to gather quick votes for the contest. Basically, influencers have high-quality traffic to get many sales for the services you provide. The key thing is finding the right influencer at the right time. While your contest ending time, you may need more volume of votes to stay at number 1 position. In that situation, experts recommend using industry influencers to fix the contest with more votes. 

Social media network have plenty of influencers to choose from. Give the right direction to your virtual assistant to collect contact details of your industry influencers. Throw perfect written email swipes to the influencers. Once you get a response from influencers, value the influencers to find the best to start your contest promotion. Also, List the mobile numbers of the influencers in the excel sheet. discuss over video call with them to clear your doubts. This is a quick way of communication than traditional email connecting. In this modern-day marketing scenario, video calling communication is mandatory to get fast deals with marketers.

Bonus tip: There are a lot of social media fan pages filled with fake likes from exchange sites. So you have to check the quality of the likes of your influencer before making a deal with him.

voting_agency buy votes3. Buying votes from voting agencies

Even contest creators warn the contestants to not bypass votes using hack methods, contestants smartly use different methods. They buy votes from voting agencies to keep leading until the contest end to win prizes. Some contest creators accept buying votes until the votes are from real sources.

You have to pick the right online contest voting seller to get real quality votes. From a recent analyze on forum discussion sites, we found that vapulsemedia voting agency got high recommendation stars than their competitors. However, you need to contact voting agencies with your contest requirement to get pricing.

Do comparison over all the quotation you got from different voting agencies. You may ask test votes and previous project samples to value before you hire any voting agencies. When you submit your contest with the voting agency, your job is done and you can concentrate on other promotion ways to get votes mixture. 

The good voting agency should know how to deliver votes over time using real sources to make the votes as real as possible

Note: Sometimes, your competitors may increase their votes exactly on the last hour of the contest end time. So prepare your voting agency to fight with any task to win the contest. 

The solution:

The above 3 methods have high recommendations on several social media forum sites. Skilled marketers are applying these methods to win contests continuously over the years. There are a lot of natural ways of promotion available online like vote exchange, flyer throwing to your area and inviting friends to vote with social media sharing. But, they may help to get around 200 votes for your contest. To win a contest, you need thousands of votes in a short span of time.

YES! It’s time to buy votes for your contest not only in 2019 and for all coming years. We hope you got the right ideas to get votes for your contest. If you already use any great strategies to get quick votes for contests, you can share with us.

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