Businesses That Thrive During the Rainy Season

Businesses That Thrive During the Rainy Season | After the wave of summer heat, Filipinos are now embracing the splash of rainy season that may sometimes bring inconvenience for them. Especially for commuters and motorists, it’s the season of challenging daily quests on slippery, sometimes flooded, and often heavily congested roads. However, for individuals with entrepreneurial spirits, it’s the time to make opportunities from these struggles. They most likely to realize potentials in serving customers by make thriving businesses. What do you think is the best business concept fit for this season? Here are some of our suggestions.

Food Business That Offers Hot Meals

For all seasons, selling food can’t be dethroned among the top businesses to start here in the Philippines. The only difference is the light meal or merienda, delicacies, and viands you would include in your menu so your customers keep coming back for more.

Since it’s going to be cold and wet outside, any food that is deliciously satisfying when served hot is awesome. What are they? For the classic ones, many restaurants and diners offer the mainstays lugaw (rice porridge), goto (Filipino version of beef and tripe congee), arroz caldo (chicken rice porridge), sinigang (sour stew of fish, prawns, pork or beef), bulalo (soup of beef shanks simmered for hours), La Paz Batchoy, chicken tinola, lomi (noodles in thick broth), champorado (sweet chocolate porridge), and many others.

Coffee Shop or Tea Café

Hot coffee, tea, or chocolate are surefire bestsellers at this point. If you have distinctive brand or flavors of these drinks, you’ll have chance to stand out even if you are just a new player. In fact, entrepreneurs don’t need to import coffee and cocoa beans from other countries to produce delicious hot drinks such as tablea tsokalate, kapeng barako, and others. According to the Department of Agriculture, the Philippines is one of the exporters of coffee, especially the variants Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa.

The concept of a coffee shop also plays the vital role to attract patrons and make them stay for hours. Most established cafés make it a point that they feature cozy ambiance for their customers complete with reading materials and Wi-Fi connection.

Convenient Transportation Service

Rainy season in the Philippines is extra stressful because it falls in the months (June–August) when school classes start. Thus, commuting for office workers, students, and parents also become a challenge. To serve these markets with a business that provides immediate solutions is actually what makes entrepreneurs like heroes. In fact, the advent of mobile apps like Waze help drivers and passengers to find ways to avoid traffic, while car hailing apps like Uber and GrabCar provide commuters a faster and more efficient way to find a ride. These two popular apps are providing hundreds if not thousands of people a new employment and/or business opportunity.

Car Care Shop

This is a good second business if you are already into transportation so you don’t have to go somewhere for car wash, vulcanizing, and repair. A car-care business in general is a money-making venture, especially this rainy season. It is because many car owners need extra hands to properly maintain their road buddies to ensure their safety. Perhaps with your superb brake checking, inflating of tires, and headlight replacement services you can even save lives from possible vehicular accidents.

Hostel, Transient House, or Condo Unit for Rent

Particularly if your space is near business districts or university and college areas, you already have a good chance to earn from it. Staycation is the in-thing to do these days and it’s highly anticipated that people opt to stay in a place nearby their offices or schools than to spend time or money traveling. In fact, finding ideal renters or property to own come easy nowadays with the help of real estate marketplaces such as Lamudi Philippines.

Fashionable Rain Gear and Apparel

Filipinos are generally practical during tough times, but certainly they are willing to spend money in the name of fashion, novelty, and comfort. This is why entrepreneurs bring out their stylish sides in selling umbrellas, coats, boots, jacket, cap, and pants that are perfect to ramp in under the rain.

For frugal fashionistas, an ukay-ukay (thrift) shop is a haven to find affordable and attractive clothes this rainy season. What crucial in this business is about selecting good quality pre-owned items such as bags, foot wears, caps, jackets, or clothes that saleable. Furthermore, it’s wise to find trusted supplier that deliver on time.

Food Delivery Business

During bad weather, office workers are most likely to take their breaks from their office cubicles rather than eat out. If they can’t go out, why not deliver food straight to their desks? These days food delivery doesn’t only mean packed lunches, bento box, or sandwiches. It could also mean grocery items, foodstuff like embotido (Filipino-style meatloaf) and daing na bangus (marinated milkfish), or special food such as cupcakes, leche flan, and ube halaya (jam). What you need though are connection with offices and a reliable delivery vehicle.

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