Business Opportunity for a Roofing Business from Your Home

Roofing Contractor | Business Opportunity for a Roofing Business from Your Home | Do you want to be an at-home roofer? | Yes, you read that correctly.  You could have a roofing business, which you run completely from home!  The real opportunity within the roofing industry isn’t necessarily putting new roofs on homes but, rather, is in a specific task that is part of the process of replacing residential roofs.  This task is called supplementing.  Supplementing is the process of working with insurance carriers to ensure that their customers are correctly compensated on their homeowner’s insurance claim.

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Whenever storms hit, specifically hail storms, damage to asphalt shingled roofs can be fairly substantial.  The first step for homeowners is to have an inspection done by a roofing contractor.  If the contractor believes that there is substantial damage caused by the storm, the next step is to file a claim with the insurance company.  The insurance carrier will send out an adjuster, who will take notes about the damage done to the home, and then provide the homeowner with an estimate and payout for the claim.  90% of the time, this amount is much less than the actual cost to have your home brought back to its original condition.  This is the time when supplementing is required.

What is supplementing?

Supplementing is as much an art form as it is a scientific process.  If you are detailed oriented and are able to pick up new ideas and concepts quickly, you could make a great supplementer!  The first thing that a successful supplementer must do is to evaluate the adjuster’s estimate for accuracy.  This doesn’t take any industry knowledge, as you are able to pull measurements and pricing information from various public sources.  The main objective of this step is to audit the quantities and prices that the adjuster provided in the claim to make sure they are correct.

Next, you’ll need to make sure that all of the items that should be covered are included in the claim.  There are a couple of different ways to go about this.  First, if you happen to have years of experience in home construction and damage detection, this will be very easy.  The second, and more preferred method, is to provide pictures of the damaged home to someone who is experienced in these areas.  There are plenty of reputable companies that provide this service for a reasonable fee.

Once you have all of your information compiled and documented, it’s time to get in touch with the adjuster.  Claims adjusters have unique methods for handling this part of the process.  Some like to be contacted via email, and some prefer the phone.  In most cases, you’ll have to do a little bit of both as the adjusters are extremely busy and have multiple cases working at the same time.  Additionally, they will have to take time to evaluate your findings and make changes to their claim.

Finally, once you and the adjuster agree on the final estimate, you’re all finished.  When done properly, you should be able to generate additional funds for the homeowner, which will make them happy.  You can charge for this service in a number of different ways, but most supplement experts will charge a flat fee for whatever they believe their time is worth.  This can be an excellent way to make additional money as a side hustle and can even turn into a full-time job for the right personality.

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