Business Meeting: Understanding Video Conferencing & Its Various Type

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Business Meeting: Understanding Video Conferencing & Its Various Types  | Video conferencing refers to the technology that permits users to hold a face-to-face meeting while in different locations. Over the years, its usage has rapidly grown and a fundamental tool for international companies. This technology is convenient, and it saves time, hassles linked to business travels and expenses. Some of the ways of using video conferencing include performing job interviews, negotiating deals, and holding regular meetings.

Uses of Video Conferencing in Business World Today

The demand for video conferencing meetings has grown, especially at this time, when a dreadful pandemic has hit the world. Most companies have embraced video conferencing since most of their workers are working remotely. If your company has multiple offices in different locations, you can establish direct communications through video conferencing.

You can also use video conferencing when training your workers. This will enable you to equip the necessary skills into your workers effectively. Another use of video conferencing is to conduct a meeting with the shareholders and company staff. Particularly during this pandemic, you can announce important information through video conferencing. 

How Does Video Conferencing Work?

The main advantage of video conferencing is enabling the users to see each other to create a stronger bond. If the video conference is not official, it is termed a video chat or video call. Video conferencing is conducted in a variety of ways. You may use desktop computers, laptops, or tablets. You can also use a smartphone that has a camera. In these instances, you use a software-based platform to communicate over IPs (Internet Protocols). Here are the significant types of video conferencing.


The most common way you can utilize video conferencing is via face-to-face video calls. This makes it easy for the managers to manage workers operating from home effectively and to hold private video chats. You can also conduct the first-time interview via video conferencing, and this is super affordable and time-saving. 

Video conferencing allows you to pick up on nonverbal cues. You can note things like a person’s posture, facial expression, tone, and gestures, which assist in determining the trustworthiness and credibility of the individual you are interviewing.

All-hands or Large Meetings

All-hands and town halls video conferencing meetings involve a few remote employees and a huge meeting space or auditorium. To make sure the employees are updated, you conduct the meetings regularly. Video conferencing helps remote employees and offices to join the meeting and get companywide updates and steps to move towards the same goal.

Vendor and Client Relationships or External Video Conferencing

Seeing each other face-to-face during a business negotiation brings a sense of trustworthiness. It also creates a good rapport between client and vendor. Sometimes meeting external vendors and clients might not be possible, and that is where video conferencing solutions come in. Regardless of the different physical locations, the face-to-face connection helps you be more engaged and present than normal phone calls. External video calls are also perfect for call center client services with ACD systems.

Team Meetings or Internal Video Calls

Internal meetings via video conferencing are important for ensuring the team members are on the right track to company objectives. Team meetings help you connect with all the members deeply and helps in the creation of a stimulating and collaborative environment. This helps to strengthen teamwork and ensure that every team member is heard and seen.

Telepresence video conferencing

Telepresence communication is mainly used in movies. It is where all the members appear on various monitors or screens that are in one room. This type of video conferencing feels like a live meeting. The participants make eye contact as they discuss important issues. You may place the monitors around the desk or display them on a screen placed on the wall. 

Mobile Video Conferencing

You can still attend an important meeting through mobile video conferencing if you are traveling. You can use a mobile app or browser to join the meeting. Joining the meeting on your phone is quite easy if you have the app downloaded on your smartphone. All you need to connect to the meeting on your phone is a strong internet signal.


Video conferencing is essential, especially during the pandemic, since most companies have authorized their workers to work remotely due to the lockdowns. The technology enables the workers to stay updated with the company’s operations. They also get to communicate with their seniors if there is an issue. Video conferencing technology has enabled most businesses to continue operating regardless of the prevailing situation. There are various types of video conferencing, including large halls, desktop, and mobile video conferencing.

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