How to Build Apps with Better Security Features

by James Stewart, |

When it comes to mobile app security, businesses need to invest a tremendous amount of money, resources and time to get a best form of it. However, in most cases, we notice that efforts invested to defend an app-system aren’t sufficient to protect it from potential threats. They do not often completely address some of the high-risk vulnerabilities within the network at the application layer.

The application layer is the most vulnerable risk area. Recent studies show that application layer is the area where the worse effects of lack of security are seen. Also, insider target can initiate the damage even if no vulnerabilities are created because of the lack of protection.

In turn, devastating effects will start damaging a company’s reputation, its customers and even the company itself due to the revelation of private information.  

But these vulnerabilities can be eliminated once the security of certain areas is improved. This will happen only when app developers start including security in the initial mobile application development phases.

Certain things mobile app developers must know when integrating security into mobile app development are as follows:

Reviewing in the Beginning Stage

When an app development project begins, developers together with security team seek to assess for various security risks and then they work in agreement to understand:

  • The continuous requirement of an app for the business
  • Various processes and procedure involved,
  • Policy drivers
  • Suitable tech-environment for building and deploying an app, and
  • The purpose served by the app on basis of market and context.


Model Threat at the Definition Phase

The threat modeling helps in identifying the sensitive areas where an app has to deal with sensitive information. Developers need to work with security team to discover these areas. The model can also be applied to map the information flow. Once the critical areas are spotted, security specialists need to create mitigation strategies. It’s done once the app is modeled.

Reviewing Design at the Design Phase

The design of the app must be reviewed during the designing phase, not when the app has already gone for coding. It will be hard to do something to the design related vulnerabilities during the development phase of an app.  

Reviewing Code at the Development Phase

When development is going on, there is need of conducting relevant security testing against every unit, especially when testing is completed for models and phases. It’s advisable to review codes and test-units. Also servers need to be hardened, particularly at the OS system level.  

Assessing Risk at Deployment Phase

Before you deploy an app, it is necessary that developers conduct quality risk assessment. This is one great thing can be done to set standard for the live app.

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James Stewart is the part of mobile app developer’s team at Mobilmindz, a prominent mobile app development company which provides iOS and android app development services  in USA. She loves to write on latest mobile trends, mobile technologies, startups and enterprises.

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