Brand Building – 7 Biggest Brand Management Mistakes to Avoid

The Importance Of Branding For Your Company Brand Management Mistakes to Avoid

In the modern world of brand marketing, we see marketers fighting for the top spot with similar weapons. Some are trying to bring others down while others are striving to improve their game every day.

With the rise in competition, brand management has become a multi-front responsibility. To not be kicked out of the game, brand managers are focusing on using a mix of traditional and innovative strategies.

While it’s crucial to focus on what you should do, you should also be aware of what you shouldn’t do to maintain a positive image of your brand across all traditional and digital channels.

So, here are a few common brand management mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

1. Choosing an Inefficient Brand Manager

A brand manager’s role is to ensure that the quality of your company’s products and services is meeting the specific needs and preferences of your customers. They also make sure that your offerings are hitting the mark when it comes to attracting the target audience.

The biggest mistake many businesses make is to step into the game with an inefficient brand manager or worse, with none at all! You must understand that if your brand manager isn’t capable of monitoring the continuously changing marketing trends and keeping track of the competitive mix in your marketplace, it won’t work out for you.

To properly implement a successful brand management strategy, you need to hire a qualified brand manager who knows the ins and outs of the industry.

2. Giving Off a Disconnected Brand Image

Successful branding is all about matching your brand’s experience with the brand’s image. If there’s even the slightest of a discrepancy between your company’s name, attitude, or identity, it’ll confuse your audience. And it ultimately affects your overall brand image and experience.

Therefore, you must make sure that all the branding elements of your business are aligned with each other. This will make your target audience trust you and want to connect with your business.

3. Finding a General Fit

Oftentimes, companies rely on stock images and phrases to define their brand. While it definitely is easily accessible and cheap or even free, it doesn’t meet specific design requirements.

Successful brand management requires you to creatively use logos, photos, and taglines to highlight your business philosophy, culture, and values. Hence, if you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, say no to generic branding and get creative!

Even if you find suitable images and phrases that you can use in exchange for little money or effort, chances are that they won’t sync with your company’s image. And when you have nothing different to offer to the target audience, they won’t bother paying any heed.

In simple words, going with a general fit makes it difficult for you to attract and retain clients. Always be willing to go the extra mile with research and designing – it’ll be worth it in the long haul!

That being said, you may consider working with an expert brand design agency in London for unique, creative, and distinctive logo and website designing.

4. Failing to Determine the Right Value Proposition

Companies get to set their target audience’s expectations with their value proposition. To determine the right value proposition for your business, you must first be able to identify your strongest selling point and understand the needs and demands of your target audience.

If you fail to do so, it’ll lead to misunderstandings, which will ultimately make you a misrepresented brand. A wrong value proposition can not only ruin your brand’s image and customer experience and satisfaction rate but its impact will go down to the bottom line.

You should be honest and clear when talking about your brand. If your company charges extra for premium-quality work, you wouldn’t want to propose a budget value proposition, right?

Customers have become smarter now than ever. They can use Google to gather information about your brand and instantly pick up on any conflicting information provided. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll deceive them!

5. Not Focusing on Segmented Branding

The best way to ensure that you have the right value proposition for your target audience is by doing segmented branding.

Many companies make the mistake of assuming that their marketing strategy will serve as a one-size-fits-all. For effective brand management, you should devise separate marketing plans for specific target groups.

Segmented or specific branding will boost your sales rate and push your business on the path of continuous growth and prosperity.

6. Disregarding Analytics

Modern-day brand management brings a whole new set of options and responsibilities to the table. But unfortunately, many businesses fail to keep up with the changing trends.

Advancements in the digital media world have opened new doors to data tracking. Now, you can benefit from invaluable data analysis without having to invest days in conducting intensive market research and making focus groups.

With modern analytics, you can easily get your hands on valuable data regarding user statistics and demographics. This will greatly help you in strategizing your business, setting it up for long-term success.

7. Not Paying Attention to the Online Platforms

The Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages that you’ve set for your business need proper attention to yield the desired results. Creating an online presence is good but it can turn against you if you aren’t able to maintain it regularly.

A social media that sits untouched and doesn’t have any new content to offer is a major setback for a brand. The audience takes the impression that your brand is unengaging or unprofessional.

Considering that a large part of your target audience is likely the youth, you should pay extra attention and invest extra effort in maintaining your social media pages.

Now that you know of the most common brand management mistakes companies make, you have an opportunity to stay a step ahead of your competition! Make sure you avoid these mistakes and hire an expert brand design agency in London to take your branding game to the next level!

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