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BitStarMarkets Rating Increases | BitStarMarkets platform has a well-established reputation, and it’s ranking on the market is growing. The reasons for that are numerous, and the central and vital one is commission. What about it? Well, it is low, and for some services, it accounts for 0%. Sounds luring?

How does commission work on BitStarMarkets?

Brokerage companies earn their profit on commissions from customers who trade on their platforms. With BitStarMarkets, you get to pay less and still be able to conduct your regular trading activities. There is a fee per contract still. It accounts for up to $0.5 per one contract but largely depends on volumes that you work with.

Key Features

  • Platform usability is of top quality and comes in web and mobile versions;
  • Tools for creating, developing, and improving your strategies;
  • Tools for creating your portfolios;
  • Low commission and account maintenance fee.

Be aware of these

  • If you are not active all the time, and extended pauses are typical for you, the commissions will grow;
  • If you are planning a full analysis of finances, there is no interaction with the external sources. If you could completely synchronize the accounts you have elsewhere, the data of your net worth would be full and would give you a global picture;
  • Special rules and conditions for international trading operations.

Who is the target audience of BitStarMarkets?

The target audience of the platform is people who do trading as a main job. It is not a platform for enthusiastic amateurs or learners. People come there for a reason and with a certain aim. Since the functionality is limited, they usually know what tasks they want to complete on the platform. They usually consider:

  • Futures trading;
  • Bonds;
  • Some cryptocurrencies (not a priority platform for these things, although used quite often);
  • Mutual fund.

How does trade work on BitStarMarkets?

The site is robust and plain. It has sections that correspond to the names of the features. Logging in to the account is instant, and from there, the user can manage all the activities. The panel for managing your operations is simple and straightforward. Using the panel, one can add strategies, test their capabilities, and see the possible forecasts. Also, the comparison option is available. The strategies can be sorted into groups as well. They can be compared by different criteria then.


The site does not aim to win the award for technological advances. It is easy to use, hence, not very modern. The feature set is also restricted. However, every experienced trader knows how to use a platform of this kind for their benefit. BitStarMarkets is an affordable solution for most traders who have dozens of operations daily and do not want to waste money on commissions but are ready to pay per contract. The mobile app is multi-functional and offers a convenient way to keep track of all the strategies and their progress. Since trading requires constant attention, it is useful to get notifications in a timely manner.

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