Best Ways to Boost Business Revenues with Mobile Apps

ways-to-boost-business-revenues, best-ways-to-boost-business-revenues, mobile-apps | How do you aim to grow your business revenues? In this consumer-centric world of today, products and services will excellent value are not enough to hit the bottom lines. Look around and you would find that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets (and the evolving wearable techs) are constantly redefining the business-consumer paradigm and helping businesses reap greater returns.

Among the most relevant revenue-generating tools currently available are mobile apps. Statistics show that the global mobile app downloads have increased from more than 2.5 billion in 2009 to nearly 180 billion in 2015 and expected to cross 268 billion at the end of 2017. The wisest thing to do right now is to take advantage of mobile apps to increase your business revenues. Here are some concrete ways in which apps help you achieve it.

Sure Shot Channel to Reach Customers

How many internet users access your mobile website each day? And how many of them bookmark it, remember its URL and take the pain to return? Don’t hesitate to admit that websites take considerable amount of time to generate connection with your targeted customers. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are downloaded by them and reside inside their devices (maybe for years, if you deliver a great app and update it constantly). As a result, you build a strong channel to reach your customers anytime and at any place.

User Engagement at its Best

The simple fact that your app would provide a convenient access to your customers 24/7 offers you the advantage of attempting irresistible customer engagement efforts. For this, you must master the art of creating awesome user experience that encourages high-level engagement from their side. Remember that increased user engagement means that you have an army of potential buyers ready with you.

Amplify the Brand Value

Creating a brand and maintaining brand value are definitely among the toughest jobs considering the level of competition these days. However, you can’t imagine your business revenues to grow without becoming a well-known brand. Mobile apps offer the uninterrupted visibility and exposure to your business among the targets. By making your app an incredible entity, you render a wonderful impression on them and can be in their good books for long.

Outstanding Marketing Opportunities

Digital marketing helps businesses conquer their respective niches and mobile apps take it to a new level altogether. Here are some unmatched marketing strategies that can be employed using apps:

  • Push Notifications: Deliver your business message to the users of your app through push notifications that have the least chances to go ignored. Reports show that it generates better response rate than emails and other popular direct marketing techniques.
  • In-app Advertising: Interstitials, banners, splash and exit ads are among the preferred in-app advertising formats that businesses are currently investing in. Animation-based and video ads too succeed in attracting the attention of app users.
  • Location-based Marketing: How about driving customers to your business (retail store, restaurant or any other) by sending them discount offers, hot deals and coupons in real time? Apart from SMS, app marketing too enjoys the benefits of location-based targeting.

Social Media Integration

Mobile apps leave no stone unturned to let a business enjoy enhanced connectivity with their targets in every way possible. By integrating social media with the app’s functionality, you can add another great medium to increase revenues and sales. One good example is offering updates about the app, while allowing app sign-in using Facebook, Twitter or any other popular social media channel. This fabulous association between app and social media may also get you more prospective buyers if you allow the existing ones to share about your app or brand on their social profiles.

Customer Retention and Loyalty

Needless to say, attracting new customers may prove to be a costly affair and it may affect the overall value of the revenues you generate. Considering this, equal focus must be paid on retaining the existing customers by preserving their loyalty and apps are excellent tools in doing so. By keeping them engaged and involved in your app, you save them from abandoning your app (and brand) in favor of others. Customer satisfaction is another output of this process which further keeps them glued to your business.

Better Insights on Customers

You must be familiar with the trend of customized targeting which allows businesses to target the most relevant audiences and buyers. It can be done by gathering valuable user data and customizing your business offerings accordingly. Do you know that mobile apps can be embedded with some great analytic tools that capture user behavior on the basis of demographics like age, gender, interests, incomes, purchase habits, locations and many more? Imagine how useful this data could be in approaching individual customers just the right way.

Securing Revenues in Tough Competition

Why the time is absolutely in your favor to invest in a mobile app? One good reason is that many of your competitors are already taking advantage of mobile apps. If you are able to create a better app, won’t it be easier to beat the competition and claim better market shares? At the same time, you would easily go way ahead of other competitors who are still not ready or willing to invest in apps. It could be a win-win situation for you.

Improved Business Operations

Mobile apps are not only to make your customers happy. You may also think of developing an enterprise app that would enhance productivity and efficiency among employees and arrange improved workplace collaboration. By letting every department, from sales to marketing to customer support, connect and communicate using such an app, you can pave the path towards increased profits.

Now, you have enough valid reasons to get a mobile app for your business. The investments in an app today would translate into better returns tomorrow and you would cherish the decision.

via Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is a CEO of Mindinventory, a leading mobile app development company. He does blogging as hobby and love to write on mobile technology, app development and mobile app marketing.

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