Best Place to Work For – Why Millennials Choose Mondelez Philippines as an Employer of Choice

Mondelez Philippines Best Place to Work For | Best Place to Work For – Why Millennials Choose Mondelez Philippines as an Employer of Choice | After spending several years in the academe, life adjustments outside the university can be challenging for several reasons. The initial question to job hunters is, what is the best place to work for? Followed by planning, Some may have already plotted out their moves even before they have arrived on their graduation day like looking for an employer of choice in the Philippines, job search, enroll in a post-course, and some would take a risk to put up their own business. While some would like to take a different route the usual like traveling and volunteering within a year or two, at the end of the day, it is finding one’s self-worth is more important for many.

Our elders from the family would be a lot different in terms of work principles, habits, and level of competencies. We would usually hear from our parents and grandparents that during their time, they would most likely stick to only one job in their entire office career with a daily routine of a 9 am-5 pm working hours. But with the millennials, there is another side of the story with a lot of considerations, this group of talented and competitive individuals is always on the lookout for the best place to work for.

Millennials or Generation Y have their list of expectations from the employer of choice in the Philippines that they want to work for. The initial considerations for millennials as the best place to work for is the office location and the position that they want to hold. With the continuous evolution of technology, these age groups are far different from other generations. They are mainly different from other age groups because of their exposure to a more technology-driven era. The Internet has significantly influenced the behavior and thinking of this generation because of their early exposure to the internet.

The internet made an easily acquire information that made people freely access ideas across the globe which made millennials as the most informed generation by obtaining education from the cyberspace. Generation Y is accustomed to quick communication than older generations, they are more adaptive to change and complexities. Millennials are flexible enough to deal with multiple information channels simultaneously which is the reason why they looking for more challenging tasks.

Unfortunately, not all companies appreciate and recognize the uniqueness of the millennials. Positive qualities can sometimes be undermined by some misunderstandings, like the good qualities that this younger generation brings in to the workforce. According to a study conducted in the US, the country loses around $30.5 billion each year due to millennial employee turnovers. Those enterprises who are willing to embrace and adapt to the uniqueness of this generation can utilize what they specifically can offer and those who will do can outperform their competition.

Organization Anticipations

A paycheck can no longer fascinate young employees in this day and age. Generation Y is more discerning when choosing a company to work for, it tells a reality of a reflection of their social awareness who are more into causes than their gain. These people tend to manifest desire to excel and aspire to reach their goals, these are the characteristics that each organization would prefer their employees to have.

This is the first consideration that any applicant is looking for in an organization they are planning to join. Aside from the overall salary offer, Millennials love to work for a company that has a good response in our changing world, a proactive stance on gender equality, a customized approach to human resources, and an emphasis on social impact among others.

Workplace Apprehension

Other than reviewing the profile of the organization, millennials’ best place to work for considerations is the company’s look at the workplace of the company. The working environment is also one of the major factors in making employees a feeling of satisfaction and level of productivity.

Aside from the physical office itself, millennials consider a company as an employer of choice in the Philippines if it is after their lifelong learning opportunities, positive company culture, employee rewards programs that is both systematic and objective, different career opportunities, accessibility to relevant technologies, diverse career tracks, and workplace flexibility.

Job Expectations

Generation Y has their own criteria on a company and job as the millennials’ best place to work for their ideal jobs just like other generations. They are all aware that not all career opportunities fit their standards, but they will definitely perform better and will make work more enjoyable if they obtain the post that meets their expectations.

This age group is far different from other generations, making them drawn into more challenges and utilize their abilities to complexities of information. Companies that would allow them to sufficient access to information and other resources will motivate them more to be at their best and this would definitely the place where millennials love to work for.

With all these long lists of considerations in an ideal workplace and organization, it is more critical to find a company that matches a millennial’s criteria. Another factor that makes it complex is due to global uncertainties that we are all experiencing since the current year started. As we continue to fight the battle against COVID-19, there was disruption and upturn of the companies as we observe social distancing and home quarantine. A survival challenge on companies has been growing as the majority of employees are forced to work from home to keep up with the survival of the company operations.

This currently brings up the issue of the advancing meaning of the working environment. Not, at this point limited by a conventional office arrangement yet through a carefully empowered condition, the workforce can basically ‘work’ anyplace as long as they are associated with a steady web.

And keeping in mind that a work-from-home arrangement has a lot of points of interest, the test now for some, associations lies, by the way, they will deal with their employees and monitor their advancement and efficiency on the web. And keeping in mind that numerous organizations are learning as they go, some as of now have existing approaches set up and are seemingly well-prepared to adjust to these evolving times.

Why Millennials Will Prefer to Work at Mondelez Philippines

A company like Mondelez Philippines, which executed an adaptable work-from-home arrangement for the greater part of its kin as ahead of schedule as 2017. This, combined with broadened advantages, for example, 120-day maternity leave and exhaustive wellbeing plans which advantage same-sexual orientation homegrown accomplices as well. These approaches have empowered the organization to rapidly acclimate to a distant work arrangement and have the correct directs and emotionally supportive networks set up.

In utilizing a distant group arrangement, the nibbling organization immediately comprehended that such an exceptional change in the work dynamic requires the aggregate exertion from everybody in the association: From the administration to its kin. In addition, this framework is fabricated intensely on open correspondence, objectivity, proactivity, and trust from its workforce.

Furthermore, in its push to welcome on a feeling of regularity and congruity, Mondelez Philippines has likewise utilized online representative commitment strategies, for example, virtual city centers, just as using on the web channels for persistent learning and advancement openings – even at home.

Their employees may not be physically present in the workplace, their teams hold a feeling of routineness as far as objectives, associations, and even fun while telecommuting, as shared by the company’s business HR Lead, Shiela Pangilinan. They have normal catch-ups on video calls, they also have a data crusade on security and what they are accomplishing for the network and attempt to have a good time through the ongoing challenges like “Show your working environment at the present time.” They are currently favored to have the option to proceed with their tasks, to provide food to the market. And that gives their teams reasons why they ensure their groups are prepared and propelled to keep working for the nation’s advantage.

During this time, numerous different activities were dispatched by the Company to offer help to its kin, similar to an online on-loading up meeting for fresh recruits, tele-counseling for clinical necessities, and a respite on an installment of organization advances.

With the company’s answer to the global challenge to assist their workers, this is considered among the best place to work for. They did not only make sure that the company survives today’s challenge but as well as the people who are the reason for the company’s continuity in the industry and millennials would love to work for.

EDGE Stars Program of Mondelez Philippines

With parts of the country still placed under quarantine, tech-savvy companies and organizations like Mondelez Philippines have successfully transitioned to a work-from-home (WFH) setup and have retained a way of continuity. This is applicable also to its recruitment. Even amidst the pandemic, the organization continues to recruit people for critical roles, having recently welcomed aboard eleven new employees who are a part of the Company’s EDGE Stars.

Fresh grads Carrell Calderon, Gia Supetran, and Celine Co are starting their careers within the most unusual circumstance. Having recently been accepted for Mondelez Philippines’ EDGE Stars program, the trio were absorbed into the corporate during the lockdown.

The EDGE Stars are graduate trainees who have top qualities — the proper leadership competencies and learning agility. This is the 13th batch of Mondelez Philippines’ graduate trainees, having started their pioneering leadership development program in 2009. It’s since welcomed 166 fresh graduates for the past 11 years and its alumni now comprise the managers and leaders of the company.

Calderon is a Management Engineering graduate from Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU). He was in the midst of job hunting when the virus struck. Determined to find work, he spent his time discerning his future and taking up online courses. “I do a lot of scouting before applying to any company and Mondelez Philippines was a standout. I heard so many good things about the company’s culture and its long-standing graduate program.”

Faced with the opportunity of working with global brands such as OREO and Cadbury Dairy Milk, joining Mondelez Philippines was a no-brainer for Calderon. However, his first day on the job went a little differently – in a good way. “While nothing beats going to the office and meeting everyone face-to-face, the HR team behind the virtual onboarding has done a terrific job in utilizing the technology to give us a warm welcome to the organization.”

Mondelez Philippines offers many opportunities to “Make It” in the company. One among the highlights of being a part of the snacks maker is that the opportunity to “Make it with Pride” by working with beloved brands that folks have grown up with. And more importantly, become a part of building their future.

The company builds community partnerships because it searches for gems within the pool of great talents across the Philippines. It’s strongly committed to developing future leaders from its early careers program. At an equivalent time, the corporate aims to contribute to the Philippine’s economy even while on lockdown by offering great products and makes for consumers to enjoy a reception, helping alleviate unemployment, and supply exciting career opportunities for its people.

Gia Supetran is an industrial engineering Engineering graduate from De La Salle University (DLSU) who had previously joined the company’s iTaste: Lean Six Sigma competition during her senior year. When the virus struck, she had just completed her time in college.

Fortunately, Supetran’s experience during the iTaste competition acquainted her with the company and she was hired together of the 2 EDGE Stars for Mondelez Philippines’ Supply Chain function.

Supetran shared that as onboarding virtually posed its own challenges such as connectivity issues, the Mondelez Philippines HR team was very understanding and the schedule mapped out by the HR team has been very smooth in transition and no delays occurred.

Meanwhile, Celine Co is an industrial management graduate from the University of the Philippines Diliman (UP). Fresh from completing her studies, she was thrust into a world of uncertainty thanks to the pandemic.

Initially worried that her internet connection might fail during the interviews, she was eventually accepted at Mondelez Philippines. She describes her virtual experience as fun and insightful as the onboarding process was done online.

Eager to make a positive contribution, she is grateful for the chance to be with a company that reflects her personal values. Co is committing to try to her best in everything she does to succeed in and convey joy to Filipino families whenever they snack, even during the pandemic.

About Mondelez Philippines, Inc.

Mondelez Philippines Inc. has been providing consumers with delicious snack products since 1963. Its product portfolio includes Tang powdered beverages, Eden cheese, mayonnaise and sandwich spread, Cheez Whiz spread, Oreo cookies, Tiger energy biscuits, belVita breakfast biscuits, as well as Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates. The company employs about 450 people in the Philippines, with a manufacturing facility in Parañaque City.

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