Best Mobile Apps for Productivity Boost In 2021

Best Mobile Apps for Productivity Boost In 2021 Productivity-cheap

Best Mobile Apps for Productivity Boost In 2021  | In this article we have collected some useful applications to help you become a little more productive.

  1. Trello. It is an online service for creating kanban boards. The principle is that each board consists of lists, and there are cards inside these lists (this is some kind of task). For example “Buy a microwave” is a card, and the list to which it belongs may be called “Kitchen”. You can drag cards from list to list, change their order, assign dates. You can use not only word labels, but also color coding. And if you wish, you can delete the card.

If the project is over, you can easily delete the Trello board as well. Once you’ve created boards in Trello, you can add as many lists as you like; come up with any names for them; arrange them in any order. This means that the system by which you will use your Trello board can also be any. To work with Trello more efficiently, it is convenient to install the application on all devices from which you record tasks and arrangements (phone, tablet, computer.)

  1. Echo. If you work remotely, this voice messenger will be perfect for you. This tool allows you to stay in touch while remaining focused. You just grab essential messages and, if necessary, respond to them using built-in speech recognition. With this productivity app you will reduce the number of messages you send and therefore the number of emails you receive. Now you can communicate with your team quickly and always stay aligned.
  2. Pocket. You get used to the mobile Internet very quickly. Especially when a smartphone or tablet computer appears in your life. But, it is not always possible to immediately read an interesting note. And it would be great to be able to postpone it “for later” when there is a free minute, for example, on the way home or to work. Actually, the Pocket application is intended to solve this problem.

Using Pocket, you can save articles, videos, recipes, and web pages found on the web or your favorite applications, and then work with the saved material anywhere, even offline. You can add content to Pocket both from your computer and from various applications, including mobile ones. When adding content from mobile applications, the “Share” function implemented in the mobile application is used.

  1. Verifier. If you deal with email marketing, then validation of the email list affects not only your productivity, but also the productivity of the whole company in which you work. Bulk email verification helps increase email deliverability, and this, in turn, improves the ROI of marketing campaigns.
  2. Slack is an online chat service for a team and a large company, but in fact it is a replacement for Skype for such conversations. This service is distinguished by the ability to tightly integrate active dialogues with other applications. This principle allows you to monitor the progress of work on various projects using one interface and remove unnecessary information. You can create different chats for each assignment and invite only those who are supposed to participate in the conversation.