Best Holiday Gifts for Your Kid This Year

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Kid This Year

Best Holiday Gifts for Your Kid This Year | The holiday season is full of excitement for you and your family. There are fun decorations, holiday traditions, and of course lots of gift-giving. It can be hard to figure out great gift ideas for those you love the most, especially your kids. Usually, kids will have one or two items they really want, but the rest can feel like overkill. If you are trying to do away with too much excess and want to keep your holiday season still meaningful but less about getting more stuff, consider some of the following ideas as great gift options for your kids.

Getting Them Active

Kids today are far more sedentary than kids of the past were. One of the best gifts you can give your child is giving them a wonderful opportunity to be active. This can be as simple as giving them sports equipment such as a new soccer goal, a nice set of baseball gloves, or a backyard archery set. Sometimes kids just need the extra encouragement to get out and be active in a new sport.

Another great way to get them active is to get them lessons in a physical activity they are interested in. It could be swimming lessons at your local aquatic center or rock climbing sessions at a nearby indoor facility. Teaching your child how to enjoy exercise and movement is a gift that will benefit them for the rest of their life as they learn how to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

A Special Getaway

Another gift that won’t take up extra closet space in your home is planning a special vacation or getaway. You could plan it over the actual holiday when you have time off or in the future as a special trip to look forward to. Memories from vacations are some of the ones that last the most as you raise your children. They get to experience new and exciting places and have more time to bond and connect with you. It’s always fun to surprise your kids with exciting trips like Disneyworld or a fancy cruise, but simple trips can be just as memorable.  A weekend away at a simple mountain cabin will be just as special to your kids, so don’t feel like it has to be a huge vacation.

Develop Their Hobbies

Another intangible gift that will encourage your child is investing and developing their hobbies. Maybe your child is into filming or painting. You can help them grow in their hobbies by getting them lessons or classes at a local community center. If you can’t find an organized setting in their particular hobby, you could also research local professionals in those areas and see if someone is willing to give private lessons or instruction to help them grow.

A Fun Membership

A classic gift is the gift of some type of membership. There’s always the local zoo or aquarium for animal lovers, and oftentimes there are nearby science, art or natural history museums. The benefit of being a member of one of these locations is usually there are special events and extra things your child could participate in for free or at a reduced cost throughout the year. 

Your Focused Attention

Last but not least, consider giving the gift of your undivided attention. You can do this by planning out specific dates for you and your child to hang out and do something fun. You can even create a coupon book with different ideas like a special night out at the movie theater or dinner one on one at your favorite restaurant. Your child will be excited to get to have different coupons and passes they can use throughout the year to bond with you.

Think outside the box this holiday season and come up with gift ideas that will create memories that last much longer than any manufactured toys. Chances are it will be a holiday season your child remembers the most because of the unique gifts you gave them.

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