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There are several frameworks (softwares or platforms) for Android Game Development. But question is not which is best, cause they all have something unique thats why they are in market, For Now people mostly using Android Studio which is the upgraded version of Eclipse. But there are several developers who are still using Eclipse who are comfortable with that.

In option you may Look for Eclipse, Android Studio, NetBeans etc.

Several key attributes distinguish a great Android game engine. Notably, engines that are good for PC and console development are not always optimal choices when targeting the mobile Android market.

The most important qualities for most projects are CPU and memory efficiency. To reach a wide audience, good performance on low-end and older devices is important. Engines which utilize an intermediate run time rather than compiling directly for the JVM may suffer from frame rate issues. On the other hand, engines with advanced memory management features (e.g. built-in object pooling) can reduce stuttering from garbage collection.

Here are the best frameworks for Android Game Development

Unity 3D

Unity is the most popular free game engine nowadays. You can write a game in Unity using C#, C++ or JavaScript (you can use others, but these three are the most popular). The 2D version is free if your game is not making $100,000 or more in revenue. Unity 3D costs money, but worth every penny.

If you want to develop game then unity3d is the best tool for game development for android and ios as well. It gives you feature to one code for several platform with less time and multiple support and it has great asset store to make game faster and ready made code available to save your time.

Unity have a very steep learning curve (the menus and options available are too overwhelming for a newbie) and you have option to code in C#, Javascript or Boo script.


If you’re looking for something more advanced CryEngine has started shipping free versions (until you start making a lot of money). CryEngine for sure with affordable pricing, features and platforms and a lot of others keen to applied tasks.


If you are looking to make a 3d game you are completely out of luck with Gamemaker Studio because it’s a 2D only engine.  Gamemaker Studio has been used to build a ton of hit games including Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Undertale, Risk of Rain, and Nuclear Throne. GameMaker has viable shortcuts to certain types of 2D projects, especially where tile-based graphics are concerned.

A couple of useful things to know if you’re learning gamemaker on your own : Middle mouse clicking pretty much anything in code will show you what it is. If you made function or variable then it will show you where it was established and if its something built in to GameMaker then it will re-direct you to the help page for it. The help documentation for GameMaker is really helpful! They designed it be beginner friendly and they’ve done a really good job making it readable.


First, you need to understand and think about your game. For 2D games there are engines like cocos 2D. For 3D UDK especially for fps games. Now again, it all depends on you. What kind of games you are planning to develop. What programming languages are you familiar with.

What is your skill level of programming. According to that you can choose engine or framework. Real as in expert developers make their own engine as it gives full control.I would suggest you to research and learn according to your skill set and game type.

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