The best computer for an artist

What Goes Into a Good Logo? best computer Picture Perfect Help For Your Business Realistic Product Rendering InDesign logo design web design brand building Negosentro | The best computer for an artist | In high school, If I dedicated even half the time I spent drawing in my textbook to paying attention instead, well, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. Whether this is a good or a bad thing never really crossed my mind until a few months ago, I inherited an old Microsoft Surface Pro.

This hand me down tablet had been owned by my friend, who produced short animations on it of an evening. He had decided after many years of faithful service; it was time to let the Surface go and upgrade to the latest and most fabulous MacBook Pro.

A rush of memories.

After I decided this would be my train-to-work computer, I loaded up some E-books, and we were ready to go. The trip took seemingly no time, as I became transfixed by the basic, preinstalled program, Microsoft Paint. Almost missing my stop, I was hopelessly sucked back into the world of drawing.

The Surface I inherited is a Pro 3, its admittedly past its used by date but It still had the capacity to inspire me. After dabbling in digital art a while back, I gave up in frustration; my skills as a traditional artist did not translate well into a computer. The Surface 3 gave me the feeling of drawing on paper, something I always hoped for but didn’t realize was possible. 

What If I had stuck with art? What if, in 2015, when the Surface Pro 3 was released, someone told me how good it was? That day at work, I spent thinking about what could have been. 

New beginnings.

So inspired was I by the Surface, I have been drawing digitally non stop for the last few weeks. I can feel my artistic sensibilities returning (as well as my cramped wrists and strained eyes!) If this amount of creative expression can be achieved with a 5-year-old computer, what about today’s crop of tablet PC’s?

Well, I answered that question swiftly by purchasing Microsoft s latest wonder the Surface Pro 7. This machine blows the old Surface 3 away and is the best machine for an artist. Yes, there are more expensive machines available, but none have the balance of speed, looks, and value that the Pro 7 has. 

Superior model.

I thought the natural drawing experience of the Pro 3 was good… The pro 7 is on another level. With a crisp, bright and detailed 13″ screen, my new machine gives me a drawing experience that simply wasn’t possible when I was a teenager.

I bought the Pro 7 intending to replace my Surface 3, but the machine is so powerful I can retire my desktop PC too. Configurable up to an Intel i7 and 1tb of storage, the opportunity exists to make your Pro 7 into an absolute beast.

The optional Surface Pen was a must for me, and the latest iteration is just superb. With features like tilt for shading, the Pro 7 has enabled me to regain my passion for art. Apps like Photoshop run like a dream, and I can’t picture going back to a conventional mouse and keyboard set up.

Passion is a funny thing; for me, it ebbs and flows like the tide. A month ago, I didn’t think it was possible to re-ignite my love of drawing. For artists, passion is everything, and to find a source of inspiration is priceless. Technology should inspire, not detract, especially so when it comes to creating. If you are a designer or want to rekindle your passions, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is the best computer for an artist.

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