Best 5 Insane Activities In Dubai To Try Before You Die

Best 5 Insane Activities In Dubai To Try Before You Die
Photo by Tomáš Malík from Pexels people riding on camels

Best 5 Insane Activities In Dubai To Try Before You Die | This is why I’m enjoying a high from Dubai as a city built to collect the most adventurous and adventurous experiences. Dubai is a vibrant blend from desert bliss, contemporary architecture and an incredibly rich Middle Eastern culture, giving an abundance of amazing experiences.

1- Ride a Camel Through a Desert Safari

Make sure to complete your safari experience with a thrilling journey on the camel the desert’s ship. A camel ride can actually feel like being at sea because the back and front legs on either side are moving at the same time and your entire body vibrates every time you step ahead.

In the evening, enjoy an authentic Middle Eastern dinner at an open-air Bedouin camp, and enjoy traditional performances such as a Tanoura Show and belly dancing. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy a hookah with your friends and get the chance to paint a free henna design.

2- Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Get up with the sun on a breathtaking Hot Air Balloon Dubai adventure! It’s amazing while you watch the horizon glow with colour and, if you’re lucky enough, see wild gazelles gliding across the sand. Also, you can watch an impressive falcon show featuring the peregrine falcon- emblematic of the UAE and the fastest animal in the world.

3- Go Skiing (In a Mall!)

If you’ve never been skiing before try it in one of the biggest indoor ski resorts situated in an oasis in the middle!

Ski Dubai is located within the Mall of Emirates, gives visitors the full winter wonderland adventure, complete with an incredibly cold temperature of -2degC , and alpine-themed activities such as bobsleds and penguin encounters, as well as Zorb balls.

Beginning skiers can also take a go through a ski lesson with an instructor who is patient and welcoming. After the lesson I was able to move as well as stop it — great for a novice like me!

If you’re confident on your snowboard or skis then go ahead and take to your indoor ski slopes. It’s an experience that people won’t think you’ve done in Dubai!

4- Ride the World’s Fastest Roller Coaster, Formula Rossa

Enjoy a record-breaking adrenaline rush on the fastest rollercoaster in the world, Formula Rossa! It’s located in Ferrari World — where else? — and is an absolute must-do for those who love speed.

This one is a test of the strength of nerves, specifically when you read the ‘Last chance to leave’ warnings on the gates for boarding. Get your seat belts on, put on your safety glasses (yes the coaster is at that speed) and place your head against the backrest. I was not allowed to touch my friend because, you’re aware that going from 0 and 240 km/h within 4.9 minutes is exactly the kind of thing that can cause whiplash.

It’s pretty clear that it was super enjoyable, and I’d been able to go back without the negative consequences of the 4.8Gs. It took me about a half minute before the heart stopped beating but the joy continued throughout the entire day.

5- Have Dinner on a Cruise

It’s hard to say that you’ve had an experience of luxurious living until you’ve had the pleasure of an extravagant dinner cruise.

You will be treated to a mouthwatering international buffet, followed by a cruise on the Dubai Marina. Over 148 structures are dotted along the beautiful marina which includes The Ain Dubai (currently the world’s largest ferris wheel), Atlantis the Palm luxury resort, as well as The Burj Al Arab.

Photo by Tomáš Malík from Pexels

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