The Benefits of Using a Franking Machine


Joanna Marie, Negosentro |  Using a franking machine for your business can be incredibly beneficial and bring a variety of benefits that can save time and money when posting mail. Here are just some benefits of using a franking machine.

Postage Discounts

One of the main advantages of using a franking machine rather than stamped mail is the discounts it can bring. Royal Mail currently offers discounts of 34% for franked mail, making it easy to see why so many businesses opt to use a franking machine. As stamps cost more to produce because they have been printed and backed with glue, a franking machine eliminates the need for any additional materials, leaving you or someone else in the business to do the work. The reason Royal Mail offer a discount is that they are not having to pay staff to stamp the mail.

Professional Marketing Tool

When sending out mail in a business, it is important that the mail looks professional. A franking machine will ensure all your mail stays looking business-like and well-tailored to suit your needs. There are additional extras that you can add to mail such as the company logo, so customers are able to instantly recognize your brand. You can also include messages if you want to do promotions. A franking machine provides countless marketing benefits for your company.

Accurate Postage

It is important that your postage stays as accurate as it can be. A franking machine has an in-built scale, which helps measure the weight to ensure the postage is accurate. Measuring the weight stops any under or overpayments and ensures your clients won’t have to pay excess postage because you made an error. Having accurate postage is essential in business and helps if you understand what is a franking machine and how it can benefit your company.

Open All Hours

It is a quick and easy process to top up a franking machine. As you need to go online to top up, this means that businesses can be franking mail no matter what time of day it is. This can help a business work on important jobs or unexpected mail outs without the worry of any time constraints. You will also not have to visit a post office or queue for the service, which can help save staff time.

Tax Deductions

As a franking machine keeps track of all your postage and costs, this can make tax returns much simpler and it is easier for you to claim any expenses. It is important to have all your costs monitored over the course of the year, so you can accurately display the correct information when filling in a tax return. Most franking machines can provide you with a printed report whenever you require it, so you can address and identify any potential problems that could arise.

Safety and Security

When considering whether a franking machine could benefit your business, it is vital that you look at the safety and security aspects. As most of the modern franking machines are protected by having a passcode, this means that only authorised users can access the machine. You will need to factor in who will have access to the machine and ways that you can stop employees using the machine for personal use. As a franking machine can provide you with a detailed account of when and what it was used for, this will give you reassurance and the ability to thoroughly track all mail.


As franking machines are available in all sorts of sizes, you will need to analyse what size your business needs. There are also the options to buy or lease the machine, so it is important that you weigh up the financial implications to figure out the right solution for you. A franking machine can be incredibly cheap to lease, with many costing £20 a month. However, for high volume models, you will be looking at up to £1,000 a month. It is important that you research thoroughly into what size and model will work best for your business.

Special Treatment

Another advantage to using a franking machine is the special privileges and treatment you will receive over others. Most of the larger Post Offices have post boxes that are specifically designated for franked mail. Post Offices that are smaller typically have an area allocated for franked mail. Royal Mail also provides trays and mail bags, so you can sort and organise your post with no hidden charges. Having your own post box can make the entire process much quicker and simpler.

Comparing Other Providers

Although there are endless benefits and advantages to franking mail, it is important that you go over every single detail, so you can work out whether there are any extra costs and charges involved. You will need to consider the cost of ink, whether the machine needs to be regularly serviced, and take the time to read the T&Cs before signing or a buying a lease. Make sure to compare providers so you know you are getting the best deal possible. There are various UK companies that supply franking machines, including Frama, Neopost, FP Mailing Solutions, and Pitney Bowes. Each of the companies listed may offer different services and benefits, so it is advisable to investigate each company to help you make the right decision.


Although a franking machine is straightforward and simple to use, there are some conditions that need to be considered. Any item of franked mail must be posted the same day it was franked. This means that any post that has been franked cannot be sent out the following day. You are also not allowed to frank a return envelope. There are more conditions that you need to be aware of, so make sure you are aware before purchasing a franking machine.

With many more benefits to using a franking machine, you may wish to speak to other business owners who currently use a franking machine, so they can give you a first-hand insight into the benefits it could bring to your business.