Benefits of Transcription and Captioning for Small Businesses

Transcription Office Space - Negosentro | Benefits of Transcription and Captioning for Small Businesses | There are a lot of underused features that numerous startups could implement in order to improve their business structure. However, while most people talk about terms like automation of social media responses, they seldom reflect the feature of transcription and captioning. If you are also wondering What is transcription? and what are its benefits, this article will help you understand it. Apart from helping your business improve its internal structure and logistical approach to marketing, these features also aid your small business in several other ways. With this in mind click here to check out some benefits of transcription and captioning for small businesses.

  • People with impairments

Even for people with a hearing impairment, it’s much easier to record a meeting than to write down all that’s being said. This especially goes for those who have to maintain eye contact (for lip-reading purposes). Therefore, going for an automated transcription and captioning might be just the thing you’ve been looking for all along. So, for people with impairments, transcription and captioning are not just handy but frankly, the only valid option for partaking in these activities. Failing to address this issue might lock out a significant portion of your audience from your business.

  • Recycling old content

Those who decide to recycle their old podcasting or video content might want to first transcribe it and then use it as notes. In this way, you get simpler, cleaner access to necessary information and a lot of material that you can copy-paste, therefore maintaining the connection with the source content. This is particularly important when writing content based on an interview, where you don’t want to risk misquoting something or even taking things out of context. In this way, transcription can easily become a powerful aid in your content marketing efforts.

  • Data storage benefits

Next, you need to understand just how big of a difference there is between audio and text-based files. Here, we’re talking about gigabytes and terabytes instead of kilobytes and megabytes. Sure, cloud-based storage is not nearly as expensive as buying another HDD storage unit, yet, even cloud-based storage has its limits. You simply can’t afford to spend a fortune this way, when it’s clear that there’s a simpler method. Even if it’s a highly specialized industry, some of the most potent AI transcription tools can consistently give outstanding results. For instance, a legal transcription services platform can reliably transcribe even some of the most complex legal phrases and terms.

  • Easier information distribution

It is just simpler to access a text or PDF file than to do so with audio. What if you’re trying to recall a particular piece of information that you’ve received in a conversation with a client or a partner during a meeting? You can’t just plug in your earbuds and listen to the conversation but you can check if you can quickly find it on the screen of your phone. This may seem minor but the accessibility of information is not something to be underestimated.

  • Full text versus notes

Finally, if you’re recording a meeting by transcribing it, later on you can get complete bits of information from a full text rather than having to rely on your memory supported by partially-reliable notes. Furthermore, if you have to send something to a person half-way across the globe, it’s much easier to send a 40 KB text file than a 100 MB audio recording. Then, if you record a particular phrase from the meeting, you can just look for it by typing it into the search box. Otherwise, you would have to remember the part of the meeting when it was uttered and then unnecessarily re-listen to a major part of the meeting.


Sure, transcribing manually is also a possibility, yet, it would take an insane amount of effort and manpower to get even near to what you get with a high-end AI transcription tool. The cost behind this would be staggering. Although more reliable, human transcription is definitely not free of error. Overall, going for automated, software-controlled transcription is your safest choice.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with eleven years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

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