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The term IP address refers to Internet Protocol address. It is mainly designed for communication purpose from one computer to another. Each device in the network is assigned with this unique identity. Dissimilar sorts of properties can be handled by IP address as per its location. IP version 4 and IP version 6 are the most common versions in the recent days. Private address is highly used to secure in a private network to stay away from the hassles of security issues. Most of the people are interested to make use of routers with private address as because of its effective benefits. It is important that you want to become skilled at IP address and its functions to resolve your network troubles on your own.

IP address registry is not linked with the private address as it cannot be routed on the networks. Private IP address helps you to communicate with the devices within your network. It is also possible to get direct access to any kind of local device by means of network address translator. People who are really concerned to browse in a secure environment can make use of private IP address. When you enter into internet connection, you will be assigned with a unique public address. The public address will get changed often as per your entering time and locations.

Effective benefits of using private address

Home, office and school networks are mostly preferred to make use of private IP address. Once the private IP address gets assigned for your device, you cannot get direct access to internet connection. Persons who are outside the LAN cannot access your device in any case. Start to make use of devices that supports network address translation uniquely. Intersection of two different private networks can provide the functions of accessing the network. Once you understand the detailed functions of private IP address, you will never avoid the usage of it. Local area networks will make use of this address for numbering the devices in an effective manner. Third parties cannot access your internet connection when it is secured with private IP address.

  • Private IP address is highly used to communicate within the network.
  • Generally, it is static as it cannot be modified often.
  • Private IP addresses will fall within particular IP ranges.
  • It is possible to change the router’s private address with the help of network administrator.

Accessibility of public IP address

Public address is globally unique as it is assigned to any device. You want to make sure that two computers will not share the same public address. Some of the examples of public addresses are web server, email server and even more. Addressing technique plays a vital role for communicating with other devices in the network. Both static and dynamic public addresses are still in practice. Hosting web pages and services are assigned with static IP address as it cannot be changed. You will not have any power over the public IP address. Public address is similar to the postal address and so you want to identify its functions.

  • Computer linked with internet gateway will be assigned wit public address by the internet service provider.
  • Pools of accessible addresses are available to select the public address.
  • Users who connect to the internet after disconnection will be assigned with a new public address.

Address reserved by NIC

IP addresses are registered with the network information center to get rid of address conflicts. Public IP address is assigned for certain devices which need a unique IP address. Private IP address is assigned for the device which does not require public access. NIC has reserved particular IP addresses for the use of private access within organization. Starting and ending blocks of IP address may vary as per Class A, B and C. Usable IP address by NIC will not require any configuration process in any case. Once you understand the differences between private and public addresses, you can decide on the selection of address as per your needs. Further, you will not face any hassles due to illicit access of third parties. If you want to change your default IP address in your routers, you want to seek the help from professional network administrators. After that, you can obtain the required facilities for accessing the internet connections without any hassles.


The is the management IP address that is widely used in home broadband routers. It is used as a default address in most of the popular routers. If you want to change the IP address, you have contact the network administrator instantly. When you type 192.168.o.1.1 in the address bar, you will get connected to router console as it is wrong address. You have to prefer to purchase the router with to enjoy the internet access in high range.



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