Auto Protection Plans: Call Liberty Auto Protection Phone Number to Keep an Eye Out For Value-added Features

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Negosentro|Auto Protection Plans: Call Liberty Auto Protection Phone Number to Keep an Eye Out For Value-added Features|By having the right Auto Protection Plan, you can end up money ahead in the long run. 

Make note of the adjective ‘right’ in the previous sentence. 

There are scores of auto service companies offering hundreds of auto warranty plans. Now, it goes without saying that you don’t stand to profit from any random plan from no matter what company. 

Of course, there are reputable companies with good track records. They provide a number of convenient plans suited to car owners with different requirements. You have no difficulties recovering claims… and so on. 

But is that all that you look for when choosing a company or a particular plan? If the answer to the question is yes, unfortunately, you may be missing out on some valuable deals. 

The thing is when people shop for auto plans, they are typically so taken up by the need to choose the right plan from the right company, they often end up overlooking a valuable aspect of auto protection deals—which is the value-added features, or additional benefits, or however you may want to put it! 

Yes, these features are extremely important to look for when you are shopping for that ‘perfect’ auto service warranty. 

Say, you are on a trip and your RV vehicle breaks down a long way from your home. Yes, the failed component is undercover and all repair costs will be taken care of by your warranty provider. However, repairs need time, especially complicated ones. 

So, what do you do while your vehicle is being repaired? Probably, you’ll need to book a room at the nearby motel and stay overnight. Meaning—extra costs! 

Or, suppose your car breaks down a couple of miles from your home and you take it over to a repair facility. But you still need to reach wherever you were headed for in time. Won’t a rental car provided by your auto Protection Company would be nice in such a scenario? 

Then again, what about when you plan to sell your car? Does your auto plan come with a ‘transferable coverage’ option (meaning you can transfer your coverage to the next owner)? If yes, then this will definitely increase the value of your used car. 

These and more features are typically not included in the plans themselves but offered by the auto warranty provider as additional benefits. So, when you shop around for the ‘right’ plan for your vehicle, you need to keep a sharp lookout for these added benefits as well.

Liberty Auto Protection 

Liberty Auto Protection phone number is a leading player in the auto service industry and for good reasons. The company has experience of over 30 years in the field and offers some of the best and most inclusive plans in the industry.

But what is really impressive about the company is the added benefits or value-added features they offer to all their customers, no matter what particular plan they opt for. 

Below are some of the standout features the company offers:

– Roadside Assistance: This includes tire change, towing, jumpstarting a dead battery as well as fuel delivery.

– Trip Interruption Protection: If you’re 100 miles from home and your car breaks down due to the failure of a covered system, the company pays $75/day for overnight stays and meals. 

– No Ceiling on Claims: For the duration of your coverage, you can make an unlimited number of claims. 

Add to these features like Lockout Assistance, Car Rental, Nationwide Coverage, and Transferable Coverage and you realize why Liberty Auto Protection services are so highly valued by its customers. Again, NOTE: all these benefits apply to all of the plans the company offers and not just to the most expensive plans (as is the case with many other warranty providers). 

For more details on the plans and benefits and for a free quote, you may give a call at the Liberty Auto Protection phone number 800-599-9557.

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