Attracting more Customers and Settling with Family in Canada

by Beatrice Jones, |

Sales are the backbone of business and every business owner needs to prioritize their customers. Along with retaining the customers that you already have, being able to attract more is equally important. There are various ways to gain a larger customer base.


Advertisements let people know the products and services that your business offers. Ensure that all your advertisements consist of important and relevant facts. Regardless of the advertising method you use, your potential customers should have access to the information that will enable them to assess your business and get in touch with you.

Provide the fastest and most convenient way for people to contact you. Include your business name and a description of the product or service. Consider incentives such as discounts that you can highlight in conspicuous parts of your advertisements.

Business Cards

Business cards are quick and effective ways to exchange information. Make your cards or find an online service that can assist you with the design and production of your business cards. Make sure that you always have some cards in your wallet or bag and give them out to various people that you interact with.

Ask your business associates, family, friends and current customers to share information about you business. Other people can distribute your business cards or give out your contact details on your behalf. Find out whether you can list current or former customers as referrals.


Maintain a professional appearance and fulfill your customers’ expectations of how you should look and behave. You should always make an effort to dress well and act professionally. A positive attitude is likely to get you more repeat customers and referrals. Showing up early and communicating effectively are some of the ways to show how much you value your customers.

Invest in a Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan or campaign should be in place before you embark on social media promotions and any type of advertising. Determine how much funding you will set aside for marketing and how much you need to maximize on the effects of a marketing strategy.

Bringing Families Together

Family immigration programs are available to help unify families. They enable citizens and permanent residents to provide sponsorship for partners and spouses in accordance with the government’s regulations.

  • Anyone who seeks to sponsor partners or spouses should be a citizen or permanent resident and an adult. Other requirements include committing to the financial responsibility of the person who is sponsored as well as dependents for the stipulated number of years.
  • People can sponsor their own dependent children, partner’s children or adopted children. Relative sponsorship is applicable for dependent children, parents, grandparents and spouses.
  • Citizens and permanent residents can sponsor parents or grandparents after proving the nature of their relationship and fulfilling the required financial obligations as outlined by the government.
  • The aptly named Super Visa makes it possible for family members to visit for longer periods of time. Requirements include invitation letters from relatives who are citizens or permanent residents, adequate financial capacity, valid travel documents and proof of being medically and criminally admissible to the country.


Beatrice Jones is a freelance editor and writer. Her work has been featured in different publications. She is a research consultant and has worked with various individuals and organizations. For more information about family immigration, please follow the link.

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