At Your Service – 6 Benefits of Using a Serviced Office

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Co-working spaces are exploding in popularity in cities of all sizes. Freelancers and entrepreneurs flock to them for a variety of reasons: the office services, the coffee machine, the human contact or the environment that allows them to be a little more productive than working from home. A new type of co-working space is becoming more popular in business districts; the serviced office. These offices welcome the solo businessperson but also create an efficient office environment for small businesses.  The six benefits listed below make them a desirable alternative to the traditional office space:

  1. One Monthly Bill

Office overhead costs can be excessive, especially in the heart of the business district. Serviced offices bypass the need to find a space, sign a lease, and pay for the installation and operation of things like the Internet and utilities. Individuals and businesses that utilize service office space pay just one monthly bill for everything and skip the headache and contract terms with a multitude of companies. As a result, users will find not only cost savings because they share all overhead costs, they also save hours of research, scheduling and vendor visits for their business.

  1. Secretarial Services

The “Lean Organization” will most likely never go out of style. Businesses, especially those that are publicly traded, will always be looking for ways to cut their operating costs. The most commonly targeted area is the administrative staff. Serviced offices remove this concern by providing professional secretarial services for your business as part of the monthly package.

  1. Freedom to Move

If you don’t know where your business will be located in three to five years, the serviced office is perfect for you. No need for a long term lease, if your business is in China for one month and Australia the next, you can just hop to a different office with a different monthly payment.

  1. Flexible Access

If you were drawn to a small business or entrepreneurial venture because you wanted to set your own schedule, the 24/7 access of a serviced office would be incredibly valuable to you. Family demands, workouts, and other commitments no longer have to be scheduled around your 9-5 office schedule because you can now have office access any time of day.

  1. Attractive Facilities

If you are a new startup or small business, you most likely do not want to spend your hard-earned funds on expensive office decor. Yes, you desire an impressive location to meet with future customers, but you most likely cannot afford to hire an interior designer or break the bank on an office chair or artwork purchases. Serviced offices provide state of the art facilities with the most modern furnishings in attractive environments at no additional cost.

  1. Access to Building Amenities

In addition to a beautiful office, your serviced office monthly payment includes access to the building facilities where it is located. Most buildings include a gym, and some offer a pool, sauna, food court or even dry cleaning. You and your team can use your lunch breaks to work out or take care of those minor errands—efforts that could otherwise be a trip across town.

Whether you are small business comprised of a few individuals or a solo entrepreneur, the benefits of using a serviced office far outweigh the costs. You have one monthly bill that covers everything from internet and utilities to a professional secretarial service. You have 24/7 access to modern facilities, including any building amenities and you can move your business out at any time, without having to worry about contract terms or leases. All this makes serviced offices the perfect alternative to standard commercial real estate leases.

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