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When it comes to hitting the road to Arlington, VA and adjusting to a home away from home due to business travel, you need to have the right amenities for a successful stay. Oftentimes, people majorly undervalue what certain amenities do for them when visiting another town on business. That’s why this mini-guide was created, to reveal some tips, tricks, and hacks used by many seasoned business travelers over the years.

Just think about it this way. Would you rather have a trip where you make things happen and enjoy yourself? Or would you rather have a business trip full of stress and letdowns due to not covering the basics first? Thought so.

Embrace the power of the internet and the experiences of guests.

One thing that modern technology has given us is all the information we need right at our fingertips, no getting dress required. Your best bet for finding a great place to stay in Arlington is to rely on guests and expert reviewers who have shared unbiased information about hotels.

After reading countless reviews, there were two Arlington Courthouse hotels that stood out. The reviews mostly all included the same differentiators that made the two so great for business travel: the nicest amenities offered in the most consistent was.

The first stand-out hotel is the Hyatt Place Arlington/Courthouse Plaza. When you walk into this hotel, you immediately feel the comfort. With a modern design, space for meetings of all sizes, hot breakfast when you wake up, business services, and attentive staff, they don’t take any shortcuts. Its connection to the AUSA Convention Center is the icing on the cake for travelers with business there.

The second great hotel for business travel amenities is the Residence Inn by Marriot Arlington Courthouse. This hotel offers free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, and a great location in a thriving commercial district close to everything.

Make sure you know where other business amenities in town are.

If you’re not familiar with Arlington, VA, you’ll want to make sure that any extensive business services needed are located before you even get in town. This helps save time while eliminating the headache of waiting until the last minute. Google Maps, Yelp, and Zagat can help you a comprehensive listing of business services, restaurants, and amenities that may not be offered at the hotel that you choose during your stay.

Plan, progress, and produce; The 3 ingredients to a successful business trip.

That’s right, it’s time to get the notepad out and make sure you know the basics of how to prepare for a successful business trip. When you plan, you aim for success right out the gate. This momentum empowers you to make progress and stay productive. Keep making things happen, and everything shall fall into place.

By the way, here’s a couple of added bonuses just for you. Check out the most comprehensive list of business travel tips in existence as well as some unique things to do while on a business trip in Arlington. There are many hacks it covers to save you time at the airport, check-in desk, as well as ways to save money on your business trip. Just thank us later!

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