Archive Digital Documents with the New Able2Extract Professional 15 Batch PDF Creation Tool

New Able2Extract Professional 15 Batch PDF Creation Tool

Negosentro| Archive Digital Documents with the New Able2Extract Professional 15 Batch PDF Creation Tool | Document management systems consist of multiple stages when official company documents are being processed. The final stage a document goes through in the workflow is archiving the digital document itself.

In general, digital document archiving for professional business purposes is done for a number of reasons:

  • Archiving company documents by year, project or department
  • Retaining documents for tax purposes
  • Holding onto documents for historical purposes
  • Keeping documents for regulatory compliance

How well does your business archive its documents? As a natural part of digital workflows, there are disparate files and formats you, as a worker, must process and preserve.

One file format that is suitable for such a task is the PDF format. It is the number one choice for preserving the look and feel of the document regardless of the platform it is opened and viewed on.

Yet, putting your PDFs into a PDF document is just one step. It is even more effective if those documents are kept together, compact and packaged into one single file.

Combining the mass production of PDF files with the ability to package them together is a powerful way to boost document management workflow systems.

Archiving Workplace Documents with Able2Extract Professional 15

Now, there are many PDF tools on the market that can batch create PDF. However, there is one PDF tool that has the edge over other tools for this task: Able2Extract Professional 15. This is the only PDF suite on the market that has a batch PDF creation tool that can create PDFs and then batch merge all those files into a single PDF.

When using Able2Extract Professional, simply click on the Batch PDF Creator button in the File tab and upload the files you need to turn into PDF documents.

batchThen once those files are batch created, you can upload and merge them into a single output PDF by checking the Merge Results Into a Single File option. If you batch create PDFs and output them into a folder, the process is made even quicker as you can upload the directory altogether via the Add Directory… button for instant single-file archiving.

Tips for Archiving PDFs

Creating PDFs for your documents, however, is only the beginning. To archive PDFs effectively, there are a few things you can do before you archive the PDF. Below, we cover a few tips on keeping that archived PDF save and secure using the same tool.

1. Use PDF Annotations

PDF annotations can be helpful in securing PDFs in a visual manner. Able2Extract Professional 15 gives you a few options in this area.

One option is to mark up your pages by clicking on the Review tab and selecting the Add Stamp command. From the dialog, click on the drop down menu to select the status of the PDF document.

draftYou can also add to the main archived document itself. For any files that are referenced in your PDF, you can literally include that document if needed. In the same Review tab, click on the Add Attachment command, then browse for and select the relevant document by clicking on Open.

Click on the page where you want the icon inserted. In the side panel, you can opt to leave comments or decide how you want the attachment icon to appear.

addLastly, annotations can easily brand and authenticate your archived PDF content visually. Click on the Add Watermark command on the Review toolbar and in the dialog that appears you can create your watermark to order.

watermarkOnce customized, click on OK and save the PDF. As an added bonus, you can also save the watermark settings as a template to make it easy to apply watermarks to other PDFs you wish to archive.

2. Add File Security

One thing about archiving PDFs is retaining the PDF document’s integrity over time and its ability to resist any modifications should that PDF be accessed either with permission or without.

This is where securing those archived PDF files is crucial. In Able2Extract Professional 15, this can be done via the Sign and Secure tab.

encryptAn absolute must is to assign an Owner password to the file itself. This allows you to set a User password. With a designated user password, only those you authorize are allowed to access the file.

Click on Encrypt and in the Encrypt Document dialog, enter your password as the Owner and enter one for the User.

While in the dialog, you should consider future uses of the archived files and set file permissions that will restrict what a user is able to do with the file, from printing and assembling to copying and adding comments.

No matter what the reason for archiving certain documents and legacy files, in every case, the content should be treated accordingly, keeping in mind the value of the content itself.

3. Secure with PDF signatures

Signing PDF documents is a great way to prevent tampering before officially archiving the document in your databases. This helps your company to confirm and place control over the content, indicating that is has been confirmed that the contents were reviewed, complete, and verified.

You can sign a PDF that was batch created and merged to mark your approval of the entire PDF document. There are two ways to do this.

The first is by adding an electronic (image) signature. This type of signature can easily be added by going to the Sign and Secure tab and selecting Choose Signature.

choose_signatureIn the dialog that appears, you’ll get the opportunity to either type, import or use a stylus or your mouse to sign the document.

Once it’s customized and added to your list of created signatures, click on the Sign button. Then click on the page to place the signature where you want it.

signature_imageThe second method is by adding a digital (cryptographic) signature. These types of signatures are created by using a digital certificate.

To add one, access the same Choose Signature dialog, only this time, check on the Digitally Sign the Document option seen in the image above.

Able2Extract will list all the digital certificates it detects that are available for signing the document. Select the digital certificate of your choice.


Archiving documents is only one step in the document management cycle. With the help of Able2Extract Professional, you can take the process to the next level.

Download a risk-free trial of Able2Extract Professional 15 and archive your PDFs securely, efficiently, and professionally.

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